Where your donations go...

As a supporter of Labrador Life Line, be assured your dollars are going far. More of the money we raise goes to creating change in the lives of the people and labs we want to help. We continually make every effort to keep these costs low by being volunteer-based, web-based, and always being conscious of using our donors' donations wisely.

Labrador Life Line prides itself on being an organization that keeps fundraising and administrative costs/overhead extremely low which results in more money for our mission...helping labs in need.

In 2013, Labrador Life Line took in $39,466.26. Our total expenses (less auction shipping costs) were 32737.79, $31,059.26 of this was paid directly to veterinarians for the medical care of 61 labradors in need. In short, 94.8 cents of every dollar raised went directly to labs in need!


Thank you

On behalf of the board of Labrador Life Line, I would like to thank everyone (from our donors to our bidders) who participated in our annual Heart Dog Auction. Proceeds from every item go directly to help our mission--to help purebred Labrador Retrievers in need of medical care or emergency treatment. In past two years, your support helped us assist 122 Labs!! Since our inception in 1999, Labrador Life Line has assisted hundreds of Labs. If given the opportunity, I know that they would thank you for your support of LLL, and for giving them a second chance.

And so do we.

Thank you for ensuring that the beat will go on.



The warehouse now begins the task of matching bidders and the winning items. Shipping prices are calculated and over the next week our treasurer will contact you with information to make payment.


Warm your heart by reading some of our wonderful stories of the Labradors we've been able to help!

Dogs like Cameo (pictured right) and all of the others over the years each have their own story to tell.
Please visit our Success Stories to see their details.


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