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Labrador Life Line is currently in need of Lab loving folks to help Labrador Life Line continue to grow and aid more Labradors each year. You see, it not only takes money to keep Labrador Life Line afloat, but people power as well. All board members are volunteers, who in addition to working hard to help Labs, also have families, jobs, and other endeavors that require their time and attention. Our triage cases, online events, ongoing fundraising programs and website maintenance keep us very busy! Currently we have an immediate need for dedicated people with interest in the areas of case assessment, publicity, fundraising, and/or web design/management,in order for the board to have enough peoplepower to keep LLL sailing smoothly. There are many ways that you can help ranging from a one-time donation of a service to becoming a board member. Assistance of any kind is so very needed and would be tremendously appreciated as it could make the difference in saving ten lives versus saving only nine. We coordinate all of our efforts online, so you can live anywhere and participate daily as your schedule allows. All of us here at LLL can honestly tell you that the experience is very rewarding in many ways, too! Please visit www.labradorlifeline.org and read our success stories. Meet the Labs that LLL has helped so you can see first hand that YOU CAN make a difference. If you are interested in joining the LLL team and helping us help Labradors please contact Jody at jody.lablifeline@gmail.com for more information. Once again on behalf of the the LLL board and all of those Labradors whose lives have been saved and those that will be saved, we thank you for your past, present, and future support.. Thank you for supporting LLL!


Life Line Wine

LLL partnered with Benefit Wines and LaFortuna vineyards in Chile to bring you organic wines, shipped right to your door.

Tastes good, does good. For every bottle you buy, a portion of the proceeds goes directly to LLL

Selections include Barking Buster Malbec, Funner with Gunner Carmenere, Buckeye & Archie's Double Trouble Merlot, Tara's Unleashed Chardonnay, Chocolate Charlie's Cabernet Sauvignon, and Mala's Sit Stay Sauvignon Blanc.

The custom labels for LLL’s wine collection feature the 6 winners of our first-ever Portrait Auction. A special thanks, of course, to all of our donors who have provided us with their valuable services, artists Stephanie Allison, Gail Kelley, Naomi Ochiai, Kathryn Schauer, Melissa Shumard, and Debbie Miller Stonebraker.

So go to Life Line Wine and make an impact.

Share a bottle and share our story.


Warm your heart by reading some of our wonderful stories of the Labradors we've been able to help!

Dogs like Cope (pictured right) and all of the others over the years each have their own story to tell.
Please visit our Success Stories to see their details.


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Shop Amazon.Com! Amazon has a great selection of books, including many relating to the world of dogs! Labrador Life Line will receive a 5% to 15% commission from all sales coming from the link on this page.

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