Best Labrador Shampoo: Top 5 Picks & Buying Guide 2023

 Don’t be tempted to use shampoos formulated for humans to your Labrador retriever even if it’s nice-smelling or made of natural ingredients. They’re not designed for dogs; thus, they’re not as effective when it comes to cleaning your dog and they can be harsh on their skin. Use the best Labrador shampoo for your dog … Read more

How Fast Can a Labrador Run?

How Fast Can A Labrador Run?

How fast can a Labrador run? Labradors are famous for being one of the most athletic dog breeds in the whole world.  So much so that both the police and military often use these dogs to help them with special operations, such as manhunts, sniffing for bombs and drugs, and many others. Perhaps, some would … Read more

How Long do Labrador Retrievers Live?

How long do Labrador retrievers live? Owning a dog is a fantastic experience, and it’s normal to consider questions like this when you form a deep connection with them. Labrador retrievers are considered as breeds that have a high average lifespan.  Don’t let this worry take away from enjoying your time with them. Besides basic … Read more

How Much Does a Labrador Shed?

How Much Does A Labrador Shed?

One thing you need to consider before getting any dog is how much its breed tends to shed. Shedding is natural, but some breeds tend to shed much more than others. Labradors have exceptional temperaments, but how much does a Labrador shed? Stay tuned along with tips to handle all kinds of shedding. Why do … Read more