What Are the Best Chew Toys for Labrador Puppies in 2023?

Dogs love to chew on different stuff in and around your home. Some of them end up being your plants, carpet, shoes, shirt, and whatnot. You can protect these things with the best chew toys for Labrador puppies.

Chew toys and other Labrador retriever puppy toys offer your Lab pup many benefits. For one, these toys give them another outlet where to divert their chewing urges that become more intense when they start teething.

There’s no doubt that puppy teething toys can also help relieve their boredom because they can keep them stimulated, physically and mentally.

Puppy chew toys also aid in oral health and prevent them from developing dental problems, such as gingivitis and tartar and plaque buildup.

The best chew toys also lower stress among labs due to separation anxiety or change of surroundings. They can help calm your nervous or anxious pet, too, developing their coping skills in dealing with stressful situations.

To help your Labrador puppy take full advantage of these chew toy benefits, we’re reviewing the top dog toys and types of chew toys. If you’re ready, let’s begin and discover them together.

Types of chew toys

Looking for appropriate toys for your puppy, there are certain types that you need to know. We’ve highlighted them in the following.

1. Rubber chew toys

Chewing toys made of rubber is probably the first thing that may pop up in your mind when you think of chewing toys. They are one of the most common types and are great for Labradors who are big on chewing.

Materials may vary, but high-quality brands use BPA, latex, and phthalate-free rubber. Some even use food-grade silicon for extra hygiene in a chew toy.

Labradors may not be aggressive, but the power in their jaws and strong, sharp teeth can still tear through materials easily.

It is recommended that when choosing a rubber chew toy, it must at least be made of hardened rubber. Never leave your dog unattended to play with it; if you see them beginning to chew through it, dispose of it immediately.


  • Less expensive
  • Some designs offer dual use as an enrichment toy
  • Durable and tough


  • Can be dangerous if swallowed.
  • Can house bacteria in microtears

2. Rope toys

Rope toys are another fan favorite. They can double as tug toys and can last for a long time. You can re-tie them or make your version with some natural cotton rope.

You must watch out for two things when buying a rope toy for your Labrador. The first is to ensure they are made of 100% cotton rope.

Some brands may market them as cotton but add a label saying that it is mixed with other materials, most likely acrylic or nylon.

While these are not poisonous, they can still be bad for your dog, especially since Labradors love chewing on a rope.

The second thing to watch out for is if they are dyed. The chemicals used could harm your pet as they may ingest it while playing with it.

Try to go for the natural or slightly off-white, as they are also more likely to be cotton. As a test, wash and soak it before giving it to your pet, just in case.


  • Durable
  • You can purchase a big batch of cotton rope and make it yourself
  • Can double as a tug toy to practice prey drive


  • Can introduce microplastics to the dog’s body if not 100% cotton
  • Can get dirty if not washed often

3. Plush toys

Some Labradors have the sweetest temperaments and would love playing with their plushies. You can get them in any size and shape as well.

Plush toy materials have the widest array of materials and can be made from any cloth. Most manufacturers opt for a mixture of acrylic, nylon, cotton, and synthetic fibers. They are usually stuffed with polyester.


  • Comes with a lot of variations
  • Less expensive
  • Easily replaceable


  • Not very durable
  • Stuffing and lining can be dangerous if ingested
  • Can get extremely dirty since it absorbs the dog’s saliva

4. Treat-dispensing toys

Labradors are very intelligent and would love toys that require a bit of thinking.

These toys can also be called enrichment toys. You can place treats or dog food inside, which dispenses as the dogs play with it.

These are usually made with BPA-free hard plastic. Similarly to the rubber chew toys, get a size appropriate to your dog. Some may find it slightly irritating and attempt to swallow it whole, so always supervise your pet.


  • A fun activity that can keep your Labrador preoccupied for a long time.
  • Durable and tough to last
  • Owners can use it to train pups to eat slower


  • Some dogs may become disinterested if it is too hard
  • Needs constant supervision when pets are playing with it

5. Dental chew toys

Dental chew toys act as entertaining chew toys and keep your dog’s teeth free of plaque. They are great for all ages and can even help your dogs get used to the feeling of brushing their teeth.

These are most of the time made of incredibly soft and pliable rubber, but there are also hard ones.

Only use it with direct supervision. Some companies also make edible chew toys a safer alternative.


  • Can come as an edible and safer alternative
  • Can be used to clean your dog’s teeth
  • Owners can clean it easily


  • Rubber types are easily broken and could be ingested

At-home dental care for Labrador

One of the most important aspects of a healthy dog is dental health. Just like humans, your pet’s teeth must be taken care of so they don’t develop plaque build-up, gum disease, and other teeth-related issues.

Studies have shown that good dental health in dogs significantly decreases the risks of different diseases associated with old age.

Here are some of the ways that you can take care of your Labrador’s dental health from the comfort of your own home.

1. Toothbrushing

Just like humans, dogs can have their food stuck in between the crevices of their teeth. Plaque build-up can also be a problem in the long run, making your pet’s teeth yellow.

Tooth brushing is an easy way to integrate proper dental care for your dog. Dogs need to get used to you putting up a brush in their mouth, so it’s best to start this habit while they are only months old.

Ideally, most veterinarians recommend that your pet’s teeth need to be brushed twice a day.

However, if this is not attainable, brushing at least three to four times a week is already good enough to slowly prevent build-up and tartar accumulation.

Tooth brushing can be added to your dog’s daily habits, and most of them even start to enjoy it after a while.

2. Dental chews and toys

Another great option that won’t require your active help is dental chews and toys.

There are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to dental chews, and they often come in a rubbery, edible form that your dog can play with and eat away at.

These dental chews work by scraping the their teeth while they chew them. Dogs most often prefer these as they enjoy biting and chewing up a delicious snack.

Dental toys are also great and last long. They are usually made of rubber and have raised points that can get in between your pup’s teeth while they chew and play with them.

These two, however, should still be used in addition to daily dental care like tooth brushing, to enhance teeth cleaning.

3. Dental rinses and water additives

Dental rinses and water additives may be less popular, but they are also a great option to take care of your puppy’s teeth.

Dental rinses or water additives usually target bad breath that can come from your dog’s mouth due to the build-up of bacteria from the lack of cleaning.

These act like mouthwash and support dental health by rinsing out build-up and preventing tartar accumulation in the long run.

Dental rinses or water additives are also known to be convenient as you can simply just add them to your dog’s water bowl.

6 Best Chew Toys for Labrador Puppies: In-depth Reviews

1. Nylabone Puppy Chew Variety Toy & Treat Triple Pack

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The Nylabone chew toy and treat pack is one of our favorites in this category of the best puppy teething toys.

Teething puppies will first fall in love with the amazing colors and textures in every bone toy.

There are three pieces of durable toys in every purchase of these bone-shaped toys.

For this particular product, we’ve reviewed the small variety, but there are x small to medium sizes you can choose from.

Your lab puppy will surely enjoy the mild chicken flavor of this toy, which is also gentle enough for teething puppies.

Dog lovers also choose this puppy chew toy for its durability, although it’s still recommended that you don’t leave your pup unsupervised for safety.

Nevertheless, this lab puppy toy can aid in teaching your pet proper chewing habits to prevent them from their destructive behavior of chewing things they’re not supposed to.

The chicken-flavored chew toys for puppies are recommended for small puppies that are starting to grow their permanent teeth. The Healthy Edibles are tasty treats flavored lamb and apple is also a nice addition.

Teething puppies will also not have a hard time playing with these toys measuring 4.5 by 1 by 1.75 inches (length, width, height).

The made-in-the-USA lab puppy toys are safe and made of durable materials and are proven to be healthy treats in apple and lamb flavors.


  • DuraChew toys
  • Great flavors that puppies love
  • Made in the USA quality toys
  • Available in different sizes
  • Aids in teaching puppies proper chewing behavior


  • Can be hard chew toys

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2. KONG Toys- Puppy Toy Natural Teething Rubber Toy

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Labrador retrievers enjoy different activities like chasing, chewing, and fetching! And they are overflowing with energy, so they never want to feel bored and unoccupied.

This teething chew toy is not only for the teething stage in puppies. It is quite versatile and you can make it an interactive toy for games like fetching and chasing.

In addition, the best chew toys for small breeds and puppies are made of safe, soft, and durable rubber. It’s specially designed and made for your growing puppy.

It has a natural rubber formula, which is very gentle for your pup’s sensitive teeth and gums.

Lab puppies have chewing instincts that they want to satisfy especially when they feel nervous or stressed or bored. The Kong extreme rubber toy can help with that, and it also aids in teaching pups appropriate chewing behavior and giving them satisfaction.

This Puppy KONG dog toy can keep your pet entertained and active, giving them plenty of opportunities to spend their energy chewing, fetching, or chasing appropriate items. This toy also has an erratic bounce that will keep playful puppies happy!

This chew toy can also be stuffed with tasty treats like kibble or some peanut butter if your pup loves it. I also discovered that I can add more fun to this toy by adding some puppy snacks or topping it with the brand’s Puppy Easy Treat.
Overall, the rubber hard chews Kong toys are ideal for a puppy’s developing gums and teeth. It’s an interactive, safe toy, which is also great for stuffing.


  • Can be stuffed with treats treat toy
  • Soft and durable rubber
  • Vet-recommended toy for Labs
  • Reliable dog toy brand
  • Unpredictable bounce element for fetch games


  • Not for a bigger dog

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3. Nylabone Just for Puppies Dog Teething Chew Toy

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The mild bacon flavor chew toy is another to consider if you’re looking for a gentle toy for your lab puppy.

It’s ideal for puppies during teething when they are actively and instinctively chewing items. This product can teach your puppy to chew the right items instead of your shoes or furniture.

Dogs just love it because it is inviting for their strong sense of smell. This Nylabone teething toy can make your dog crazy for its enticing bacon flavor!

The perfect chew toy, which aids in teaching your puppy the right chewing habits, is soft and gentle enough not to hurt sensitive dog’s teeth and gums. It can give them a lot of ways to enjoy themselves without causing them any harm.

I also liked the textured design with bristles that promote good oral health. These bristles in the chew toy can help keep their teeth clean while preventing both tartar and plaque.

However, this one is a medium-sized one that is not suitable for smaller puppies. Choose the extra small or small variety. This one measures 5.5 by 1.81 by 0.5 inches (length, width, height).

Overall, the soft chew toy will teach your dog non-destructive chewing habits and routines, while also allowing them to satisfy their chewing instinct.


  • Bristles help clean teeth and promote oral health
  • Durable and soft material
  • Gentle enough for their teeth and gums
  • Satisfies your pet’s instinct to chew
  • Enticing bacon flavor


  • Not for soft-chewing puppies

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4. Nylabone Power Chew Textured Dog Chew

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This Nylabone chewing puppy toy is another to consider if you’re looking for a safe and durable toy for your beloved furry pal. It has a ring style and flavor medley that your pooch will surely enjoy.

This almost indestructible chew toy suits extra large dogs 50 pounds above and measures 6.5 by 2 by 2.06 inches (length, width, height).

The fun and great chew toy has a textured shape, which is easy to hold and appealing to dogs. It can satisfy your pooch’s instinct to chew.

The chew toy is durable yet gentle for your pup’s sensitive gums and teeth, too.

Speaking of durability, the extra-large chew toys for puppies are tough even for hard chewers and can help in discouraging your pet from destructive chewing behavior. It is made of nylon material and is made in the USA for quality.

To promote oral health, the appropriate toy for a puppy is designed with nubs and ridges to prevent dental issues, including tartar and plaque buildup.

Overall, these Nylabone puppy chew toys have an excellent design to help develop healthy gums and teeth and have a textured design for easy holding. It’s also ideal even for aggressive chewers because it is made of nylon material.


  • Designed with nubs and ridges for oral health
  • Made of durable nylon material
  • Made in the USA for quality
  • Discourages destructive chewing
  • Textured shape for easy holding


  • Can be too big for small puppies

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5. Mammoth Flossy Chews Color Rope Toy

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Make doggy playtime more fun and exciting with a tug and interactive rope games. Many dogs enjoy these energy-filled games during their playtime and rope toys like this one also give them the satisfaction to chew.

These Mammoth Flossy chew toys for puppies are made of high-quality cotton poly, which makes them almost indestructible for hard chewers, too. However, still you should not leave your puppy unsupervised when playing with it or any other chew toys.

The great toy offers you and your puppy more ways to play and develop a strong bond. You can use this toy for playing tug of war with your lab puppy. Not only that but many dogs would also love to play catching, pulling, or tossing with this toy.

For durability, this one is made from quality cotton poly yarn and then made into a rope with tough knots. The tough toy is safe and contains no harmful materials.

In addition, this puppy toy can promote oral health because it’s excellent for cleaning even adult teeth. This can naturally support your pet’s gum and teeth health, as they enjoy their interactive play with you.


  • Durable cotton-poly material teething toys
  • Satisfies their chewing instinct
  • Can promote good oral health among puppies
  • Ideal for interactive plays and more fun playtimes
  • Perfect for small breeds weighing up to 15 pounds


  • Not “very” chew proof

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6. Benebone Fishbone Dog Chew Toy

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These dog chew toys are designed and built for aggressive chewers, being developed to be durable chew toys that will last longer than other dog toys. It’s suitable for teething gums and puppies that have intense chewing habits.

This chew toy can help in the developing gums and teeth of your pooch, while also discouraging them from destructive chewing habits.

These are not squeaky toys or ones with neon colors because Benebone thought of developing a toy that will focus on the flavor and scent that dogs will love.

For this particular toy, it has real fish flavor, specifically Jack Salmon which will make your dog crazy!

This is a durable dog toy, which according to the manufacturer is tougher than real bones. It is also made in the USA, so you can have peace of mind about the quality control processes.

Overall, the fish flavor is a durable chew toy for teething puppies. It is made of safe materials and is gentle enough not to hurt your pet’s sensitive teeth and gums.

However, you must check chew toys for puppies for any signs of wear and tear especially if you have an aggressive pet.


  • Durable and safe pet toy
  • Tougher than real bones
  • Enticing flavor and scent
  • Suitable for aggressive chewers
  • Ideal for teething lab puppies


  • Checking for rough edges from time to time is advised for safety

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How do I get my Lab puppy to stop chewing everything?

Young puppies aggressively chew everything, and sometimes their bad chewing behavior can affect the puppy’s teeth. There are ways to keep your pup entertained to help them stop chewing.

  • Understand your pet. Younger puppies love to chew especially when they start teething gums in about their sixth month. A dog loves to chew, especially a younger puppy. You can freeze a rubber toy, which can help relieve teething pain.
  • Teach younger puppies what to chew, and what not to chew, and keep your stuff, like eyeglasses, out of their reach.
  • Have them in a safe, dog-proof space, like a puppy’s crate, and give them puppy toys, water, and food.
  • Aside from giving them a tasty treat, you should also keep them from feeling bored by keeping them mentally and physically stimulated through activities, like playing or walking. Give them dog toys to help them stop their bad chewing behavior.
  • During teething, keep your puppy happy and occupied, but avoid punishing or scolding them because it won’t work. Build a trusting and positive relationship with your dog instead. Be patient and accept the fact that puppies will chew on anything as they’re trying to be familiar with their surroundings.
  • Attend and supervise your puppy until they’re chewing on only the right items. You must keep them on a leash to avoid them from chewing anything in your home.
  • Incorporate play into their routine. Try to play tug or a game to keep them occupied. If you’re using puppy toys, ensure that they’re not playing with the same toy every day. You can also put dog kibble into a food stuffable toy or puzzle toy.
  • Coat items with a taste deterrent to make items, like furniture legs, unappealing for your pooch.

Should I give my puppy a chew toy at night?

Puppy toys and other chew toys can make your puppy feel reassured, nurtured, and less stressed especially in their first days in your home.

Provided that the chew toy is durable, small dogs can benefit from having a chew at night. Avoid toys that can be broken, torn, and destroyed easily. Find toys that are particularly designed for Labrador puppies.

Some pet parents give their pets an edible chew/biscuit at night.

Take note: Read the label. Watch for warnings about choking hazards in some edible chews.

Final Thoughts

Keep your puppy happy, stimulated, and occupied, while teaching them proper chewing behavior with the best teething toys for puppies in the teething stage.

The best toys for Labradors are not only available in a fun shape or have a great flavor, but they’re also tested without harmful or toxic materials.

The best chew toys for lab puppies can offer them plenty of benefits, too, including reducing stress and anxiety and preventing boredom. These can also keep your pooch occupied and stimulated to keep boredom away!

When choosing one, consider the type of toy, material, and safety, but no matter what you pick out, remember not to leave your puppy unsupervised.

Hoping this buying guide doesn’t only help you select the right lab toy, but also helps you with important tips on how to take care of your pooch’s dental health at home.

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