Best Collar for Labrador: Top 8 Picks & Buying Guide 2023

We all love our Labrador retriever and we want to give them the best life ever! One of the dog accessories we need to provide them with is the best collar for Labrador.

But then, not all dog collars are suitable for the overflowing energy of a lab and their dense and short coat, though. That is why as a Labrador dog owner, there are certain factors to consider when choosing a lab collar. Some of these are materials, safety features, and size.

Importantly, you need to know the types of collars for large dog breeds so that you can find a proper fit for your pet’s activity level and size.

But with the plenty of selection on the market, we recognize it’s uneasy to choose the right one, considering a lot of types are available, like leather, no pull solutions, or collars with a reflective strip.

So in this guide, we’ve reviewed the different Labrador dog collars and things to look for when picking one. We’ve also highlighted the top picks in each category for your reference.

Types of Collars for Labradors

Labradors are one of the most popular breeds of dogs, and they come in a variety of sizes and shapes. That is why it is important to choose the right type of collar for them, as it can affect their comfort, safety, and well-being.

There are several types of collars available for Labradors, and each type has its own advantages and disadvantages, which should be taken into account when selecting the most suitable collar for your Labrador. Here are some of the best options to choose from on the market now.

Flat Collars

These are the most common type of collars and are suitable for everyday use. They are made from various materials such as neoprene, nylon, or leather, and they have a snap or buckle type of closure.

Materials that make up flat collars are usually adjustable and can be cleaned and washed regularly.

Martingale Collars

Does your dog tend to pull on their leash? Then, this collar might be what you need to buy. It tightens slightly when the dog pulls. This type of collar prevents the dog from pulling out of the leash.

This type of collar is comfortable around the dog’s neck until it is engaged by pulling.

If your dog has the tendency to pull on the leash while walking, getting a Martingale collar might be a good idea to discourage the behavior, as well as keep them safe from slipping out of it.

Head Collars

These dog collars are meant to gently control a dog’s head, making it easier to control their movements. They are typically made from nylon or leather and are fitted around the dog’s nose and head.

It is designed to help train your dog to stop pulling on the leash when walking.

Dog Harnesses

Harnesses are a great alternative to collars, especially for dogs with respiratory issues. They are fitted around the dog’s chest and back and distribute the pulling force more evenly.

If your dog tends to pull on the leash and you’re uncomfortable pulling on their necks, a harness can be a great option for your Labrador.

GPS Collars

They are designed to help you know and monitor the location of your pet. They contain a GPS device that sends signals to a receiver, allowing you to track your dog’s whereabouts.

This can help ensure your dog’s safety as you can track their location at all times.

When picking a collar for your Labrador, it is essential to consider their size, temperament, and any specific needs they may have.

If you’re unsure of what type to go for, you can consult with your veterinarian or a professional dog trainer to determine which collar is best for your dog.

Key factors for selecting the best collar

Welcoming a new labrador to the family includes buying all the essential things they might need. Collars are one of the dog accessories to get for them. Here are a few important factors to consider when picking one.

Size and adjustability

The first thing to consider is the size and the collar’s adjustment. Choosing a collar for a Labrador puppy needs the most adjustability since they grow in size relatively fast.

When choosing your first collar, the general safety rule is that you should be able to fit two fingers in between your pet’s neck and collar. Tighten slightly so it doesn’t slip over the head but not too much to bother them.

Material and durability

Here are some of the most common collar materials readily available in the market:


This material is the cheapest and the most common collar material. It’s available in most pet shops and has a variety of sizes, colors, and designs.

Some downsides are that it quickly gets dirty and is not super durable, so if your Labrador is the type that likes to roll around the mud or chew on their collars, try exploring other options.


This material is slightly more expensive and feels like a wetsuit or swimwear. It is more durable, and with the factor of being slightly waterproof, it is a bit more hygienic. Even when wet, it dries quickly, so if your Labrador loves the water, try opting for this material.


Leather will probably look the best and last long if well cared for. The material is naturally very durable and hypoallergenic, although it is slightly more expensive.

However, they are also sometimes not adjustable and made more for adult sizes. Some dogs have sensitivity to chemicals in processed leather, so always check how they are processed.


If you are looking for durability, chains are the way to go. There are ones that have rust resistant coating as well. Chains are only suggested for adult Labradors since they may be too heavy for puppies.

Safety features

Collars can harm the dog if they are too tight or get stuck in the wrong position. That’s why it pays off to choose a collar that has safety features.

Breakaway Collars

As the name suggests, breakaway collars have a mechanism in their buckle that breaks the collar when tugged at hard enough. This type of collar is highly suggested if you often leave your dog unattended.

However, you should switch to a standard buckle type or a harness during walks so they don’t accidentally get loose.

Led Collars

If you like taking your dog out on walks at night, you should consider purchasing collars with lights in them, so they are highly visible even in the dark.

Reflective Strips

For owners who live in high-traffic areas, reflective strips are a necessity to make your dog highly visible in the morning and night.

Comfort and padding

Comfort is the goal of choosing a suitable material and size. We highly suggest ones that are waterproof and are a bit more cushiony.

Hygiene is also a significant factor. Although some materials are more anti-bacterial than others, wiping their collars with alcohol or washing them is a must.

Training requirements

When first training your Labrador to get used to collars, something as simple as a ribbon or string will do. This will get them used to the feeling of having something around their neck, making it easier for them to be familiar with a collar in the future.

The Martingale collar will be a suitable choice if you are interested in collars meant for training. They tighten when pulled and loosen without tension, but they still can be a choking hazard especially when left on an unattended pet. That’s why it’s also not advised to leave your dog wearing it all the time, too.

7 Best Collar for Labrador: in-depth Reviews

1. Best flat collar: DAIHAQIKO Dog Collar

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If you’re looking for a classy and durable collar for your pet, then this flat collar might be what your pet needs.

The flat collar is made of sturdy and genuine leather material and is designed to be wide for a good fit. It’s available in small to XL varieties, but we’re reviewing the large ones here.

It is 1.2 inches wide and fits a neck with a diameter from 17 to 23 inches.

The dog collar is also flexible in that it won’t hurt your dog’s skin. The long-lasting collar can last from three to five years and has capacity to accommodate up to 350 pounds of pull power. It can deal with a lab’s energetic and active personality.

And do you enjoy going outdoors with your pooch? This leather collar is made with top quality, solid metal buckles, which are more durable compared to plastic types.

The collar is also aesthetically pleasing at the same time.

It also has welded D rings, one for ID tag attachment and the other for attaching the leash. They’re sturdy to keep up with your pet’s exuberant nature, making this collar ideal for outdoor sports and training as well as daily walks.

If you’re searching for a suitable gift for your furry friend, this collar comes with a lovely gift box, too. You can give it as a holiday or festival gift for a neighbor or friend who loves dogs like Labrador retrievers, malamute, bulldog, and corgi, to name some.


  • Sturdy and genuine leather material
  • Ideal as a gift for your pet loving friend
  • Good for training, walking, and outdoor sports
  • D rings for ID tag and leash attachment
  • Flexible to not hurt your dog’s skin


  • Might be damaged when always exposed to wetness

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2. Best martingale collar: Country Brook Petz Woodland Camo Martingale Dog Collar and Leash

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If you instead want martingale collars for your pooch rather than leather collars, you can check out this Country Brook Petz camouflage dog collar.

It’s available in 18 fun and lively colors for more options for you, and some of them include tans, classic browns and hunter greens. The combination of colors creates a lovely camouflage design.

This dog collar is fully adjustable, from 15 to 21 inches of a dog’s neck width. However, I advise that you choose the right size for the comfort of your pet. This collar is available in different sizes from mini to extra large sizes.

It is one of the best dog collars that come with a six-foot leash for easy adjustments and comfort of your pooch.

When it comes to durability, collars for Labradors should not lack it because most labs are strong and energetic.

This martingale collar is made of topnotch hardware along with sturdy webbing. It can surely deal with your pet no matter what they throw at it.

I also liked that these dog and puppy collars are with a high tensile strength of 700 pounds.

They may look really aesthetically pleasing and sensitive, but these dog collars are made to last. Compared to plastic dog collars, this high quality product is tested not to fray easily.

This dog’s collar is also designed to deal with pulling and prevent your lab pulling out from it, so it is ideal for training a new puppy or dog, especially for its twin loop design that allows you to have more control.

The durable collar also has a limited closure type to prevent its choke from becoming very tight.

In addition, this product has durable tri-glides that offer quick and easy adjustments. For added durability, it also has D rings.

Overall, the Country Brook Petz martingale collar is a great value for money because it is made of rugged materials that are proven to last over the years.

Bonus is that these martingale collars are available in many colors and rich patterns, which can surely make your pooch look more fashionable for your outdoor adventures together.


  • Rugged and long-lasting materials
  • Available in many colors and have a rich pattern
  • Durable with welded D rings
  • Limited closure type in order to prevent choking
  • Twin loop design gives pet owners more control
  • Comes with a 6-foot leash


  • A bit thin for stronger dogs

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3. Best Reflective Collar: Custom Name Dog Collar

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This best collar is one of the cutest I’ve found so far. They have cute designs and a rhinestone flower and really look aesthetically pleasing for the eyes.

They are available in sizes from small to large and in colors like red, pink-blue, and yellow-gray.

The dog collar is made of polyester material that is known for its durability, so buying it will give you the best value for your money.

It’s also affordable, so it can be worth checking out for pet owners looking for budget-friendly dog accessories. It is cheaper than leather ones that are a bit pricey.

High grade polyester is also easy to clean aside from being rugged to last for many years. You can remove any dirt from it in seconds.

You can have the name of your Labrador and your phone number engraved on it, giving you peace of mind for your pet in case they are lost.

This anti-lost nameplate tag is one of its features that are not in other dog collars on the market. The customized name is made with durable laser engraved, so it will stay as it is for a long time.

Overall, it is one of the best collars for Labrador retrievers that money can buy. You might want to check it out for your four legged friend. It’s durable, customizable, and available in different colors to choose from.


  • Can be customized with the ID nameplate of your lab
  • Made of durable polyester material
  • Easy to clean and wash
  • Designed with rhinestone flower
  • Available in many colors


  • Might not be for pet owners that like a more neutral color

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4. Best Waterproof Collar: Educator Biothane Dog Collar

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When choosing a harness and dog collar for your adult dog or puppy, you might also be considering if they are waterproof collars, which are odor proof and easy to clean.

As a dog owner, who might be busy, these are important factors since you can be certain that the waterproof dog collar will be less of a hassle for maintenance and cleaning compared to leather collars.

You can choose from two sizes for proper fit, so it is important to take the measurements of your dog’s neck.

What’s also good about this collar for adult Labradors is that it’s trimmable. You can trim it to the length for the right dog’s neck size collar.

Having your dog safe is also important and finding the right collar for your pet’s neck size can give you peace of mind that your dog will not get loose.

This simple collar is made of high quality and rugged metal buckles, which can close securely, so your pet will not pull out of it.

The best collar has a rugged metal D ring for easy attachment of your pet’s leash and ID tag.

The collar for your Labrador can also be used to replace the Educator E-Collar with a Remote Training system. It is also compatible with the 800 and1200 series training collar receivers.

It is made of heavy-duty biothane material that will not fray even when used on strong adult Labradors, being able to deal with whatever your pooch throws its way.

The material of the simple collar is also odor-proof to keep your furry pal happy and is suitable for active dogs and outdoor adventures.

Now, you can walk nicely with your dog and have better control of them with this dog collar that you can trim for the proper fit. This adjustable dog collar will not disappoint.


  • Durable and rugged materials
  • Odor-free biothane
  • Easy to clean and wash
  • Can be trimmed to the right length
  • D ring can be used to attach a name tag and leash


  • D rings could have been bigger

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5. Best head collar: BARKLESS Dog Head Collar

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Labradors love to run and play and be active, so they could have the tendency to get loose when in public places or out of your backyard! As a pet owner, it is often a legal requirement to comply with to have your pooch wearing a dog collar.

To keep your dog safe and avoid paying fines, you should get your lab puppy or adult dog a collar like this head collar. It’s not an ordinary, simple dog collar because it is a no-pull solution, too. It is carefully designed to guide the head of your dog, while also giving you control over their movement.

This best dog collar can help prevent bad behavior, like jumping or pulling, especially when in public. Dog owners also reveal that they never again exert much energy in correcting any bad behavior of their pooch with this product. That’s why it’s also suitable as a training dog collar.

It can also offer a custom fit for comfort and designed with a quick release buckle easy wearing.

The best dog collar for a puppy or dog is also with padding on its nose loop, making it comfortable as a head halter. It can also prevent skin irritation and abrasion even when worn for hours.

In terms of durability, dog owners can also count on this collar, which is made with tough stainless steel material and has durable stitching, making it also suitable for heavy pullers or strong dogs.

The reflective collar has a reflective stripe in the design and includes an assistive leash, which can be attached to a leash or collar.

More so, this dog collar has an adjustable length, allowing you to select the right one for your pooch. Finally, it also comes with a training guide to help you train your pet to be familiar with it.


  • Made of high quality and sturdy nylon material
  • Includes an assistive leash
  • No pull collar to keep you and your dog safe when out in public
  • Comes with a quick release collar buckle
  • Padding on the nose loop


  • Not for short snout dogs

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6. Best Leather Collar: DHTDVD Dog Leather Collar

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Not all collars can offer the benefit of leather collars. This particular product is lightweight and comfortable for your dog unlike other non flexible materials.

It is also made of natural materials, having a quality feel to it and will not cause skin irritation unlike other synthetic materials.

This DHTDVD Dog Leather Collar is also available in many sizes from small to large, making them suitable even for large breeds. Be sure to measure the neck size of your pet to ensure proper fit, though.

In addition, this best collar is adjustable, ensuring it won’t be too tight or too loose. Just ensure to measure the dog’s neck circumference. The dog collar should be snug in that it will fit your two fingers between the collar and neck.

You can easily adjust this collar for Labrador and quickly put it on him, so there will be no hassle at all.

Your furry pal won’t feel uncomfortable with this collar because it is not abrasive or stiff like nylon collars; thus, it won’t irritate their skin. Leather is also a breathable material, so it won’t make them feel hot.

There is no doubt that leather dog collars are beautiful with a classic appearance and feel to it. Leather ages beautifully, giving the collar a unique character.

This product is also durable and has a high tensile strength to withstand whatever pressure it would receive from your pet.

It’s also made with a metal D ring and buckle that are sturdy and heavy-duty, adding to the durability of this product.

Leather dog collars may be able to outlast nylon collars, but they can be susceptible to breaking down when they always get wet or exposed to water. Some adult dogs and puppies also tend to chew on their collar.


  • Made with quality leather material
  • Designed with a D ring and metal buckle
  • Ideal for large dog breeds and strong dogs
  • Adjustable dog collar
  • Won’t cause skin irritation


  • Expensive

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7. Best GPS Collar: SportDOG Brand FieldTrainer 425X

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Just like when choosing dog harnesses for your beloved four feet friend, you must check for the quality of the dog collar you’re buying. One of the best collars on the market now is this GPS field trainer collar. It’s innovative and unique for your unique Labrador.

The SD-425X e collar is a small and lightweight product made especially for purposes like hunting or in-the-field training of Labradors and close working dogs.

It comes with an easy to operate remote control, allowing you to focus on the task in hand, which can be training a sporting dog.

The e collar with remote control has a 500-yard range, which is suitable for use in the field, yard, or outdoors.

You don’t also need to buy new batteries for the remote control all the time because it has built-in batteries. They’re quick charging lithium-ion batteries, which can last up to 70 hours for one single charge of two hours.

The rust resistant collar also doesn’t wear even when exposed to water because it is built using DryTek waterproof technology.

It’s a sturdy and rugged system that is submersible by up to 25 feet. That’s why the dog collar is suitable to work outdoors and in any terrain or cold weather.

This model is also built with tone and vibration as well as stimulation levels of 21 static sounds.

Another good thing about this training collar is that its remote control can be used for three dog collars.

It’s for Labrador retrievers and larger dogs at least eight pounds and with neck sizes from five inches to 22 inches.

Every purchase includes a remote transmitter, receiver on the collar strap, lanyard, charging adaptor, test light tool, standard contact points, and manual.


  • Includes a user manual
  • Comes with rechargeable batteries
  • Easy to operate remote control
  • Fits large dogs
  • Waterproof and submersible up to 25 feet


  • A bit expensive

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Do Labradors have strong necks?

Yes, Labradors have strong necks, which are known as a bull neck. It’s large, wide, and muscular.

This is a useful characteristic of working dogs like labs that were in the past used for hauling fish nets to the boat of their fisherman owner.

[Labradors are skilled at tracking and hunting. Their thick skin – around their chest, chins, and neck – is thought to be used in keeping the scent of their prey close to them, allowing them to locate one faster.]

Labrador retrievers still have this bull neck, but they don’t anymore do tedious tasks for their owners.

How do I measure my Labrador for the right collar size?

Here’s how you can measure a dog’s collar to pick the right size.

  1. Get your lab sitting and facing the opposite direction.
  2. Put a measuring tape around the neck’s base in which the dog collar would sit.
  3. Put your two fingers between the neck and the measuring tape.
  4. Ensure that the measurement is about one to two inches looser.
  5. Write the measurements down.
  6. Use the collar size guide in the description of the product you want to buy and check the measurements you’ve gathered. Pick the one that is the right size, as you’ve measured.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re looking for a quick release collar with a side release buckle, reflective stitching, nickel plated hardware, or safety features to keep your dog from getting loose or prevent other hazards, or any other characteristics, ensure that you’re picking the right size.

In addition, select a dog collar that is made of durable materials whether leather, polyester, or biothane, for long lasting use. One must also be the type that fits your dog’s activity levels and that is appropriate for the purpose you intend the collar to provide you and your pet with– training, outdoor activities, or no pull solution.

Refer to this buying guide and top picks for every category to buy the right dog collar for your beloved pet.

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