Best Crate for Labrador: Top 5 Reviews & Buying Guide 2023

Make your furry pal feel at home with the best crate for Labrador! It’s their safe haven where they’d be comfy and well-rested, and it offers a special place to have them when no one supervises them (although it is not recommended to leave them unsupervised for a long time in one).

It’s also a Labrador bed for crate training whose primary purpose is to confine your pet for security and safety. In addition, a pet crate like it aids in pet training and travel and helps in destructive behavior prevention.

But before buying one of the best dog crates, know that the adult Labrador crate is different from a puppy crate. In this case, compare and determine which size of a Labrador retriever crate is the right one for your beloved pet.

However, there are a lot of pet crates for Labradors on the market. But by doing sound research, you can pick one based on the size of your lab retriever and material types available for a Labrador crate.

In this guide, I’m discussing the best dog crates for Labradors and factors to consider when finding one, including choice of materials and sizes.

Types of Crates

One of the first to consider when choosing among the best dog crates is its type, and the following should be able to give you an overview of what is available.

Airline-approved dog crates

Either metal or plastic dog crates, airline-approved pet crates have their categorization in that they comply with the International Air Transport Association standards.

There are many standard rules to follow before this type of crate could be approved for flying.

For example, their length should be equal to the Lab’s length and half of their leg to allow for more room in the dog’s front and back.

Wood crates for Labradors

A wood dog crate is another option for a Labrador kennel or crate. It is easy to clean to prevent the growth of bacteria and germs, keeping your pet happy and healthy.

One may be made with multiple entrances for easy loading and unloading, too. However, they tend to be heavier than soft-sided crates.

Plastic crates

They’re compact and relatively lightweight for their material, so they’re also easy to travel with for both small and large dogs.

Usually, these crates are also made with handles for easy carrying.

Plastic dog crates are also almost indestructible, so they may be good for dogs that chew through a crate’s material.

It’s also excellent for crate training because it can provide them with a comforting and safe environment.

Wire crates for Labrador 

Metal or wire crates are a typical choice for pet owners because they are ideal to crate train your dog for its durable and traditional structure.

A metal wire crate is made of entwined metal wires that will house your pet, but the design allows for airflow and sight lines so that you can easily see what your lab is doing. A wire dog crate is chew proof and hard to break.

For its downside, these dog crates for Labradors can be heavy and bulky at the same time; thus, I don’t recommend one for traveling with your pet.

Labrador crates with soft base and sides

Soft sided dog crates for Labradors are not with the traditional material construction like wire crates. Instead, they have soft-sided components for their base and sides.

If you love traveling with your crate trained Lab, you might prefer this type because it is not heavy or bulky, making it easier to transport.

Soft sided crates are also flexible enough in terms of designs. Some are designed like backpacks or carrying cases; the others are like regular dens.

Collapsible dog crates

A collapsible crate for Labrador retrievers is usually compact and flat and can be easily assembled, broken down, and taken into your car.

If you love traveling with your crate trained doggie, these collapsible car crates may be the way to go.  It’s also ideal if you would like to store it in a closet when not in use.

Furniture-style crates

These are chic crates, which combine both function and fashion, blending perfectly into one’s home while also providing a safe haven for your pet.

They’re decorative, while also being sturdy enough. However, they’re not made for moving easily like plastic crates.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Crate for Labrador Puppy

There are plenty of things to worry about when welcoming your new Labrador puppy, and a crate may be one of the most challenging. There are so many things to consider, but look no further. Here are what to consider when selecting a dog crate for your Labrador puppy.


Puppies generally get rehomed at two months old; at this age, they are still relatively small. You will only know how big they will get once your dog grows at around 1-2 years old. There is a way you can gauge the size your puppy will grow to – their paws. The bigger they are, the bigger their body will be.

So with that information, you have two options: buy a medium crate that is just a little bigger than your puppy and buy a larger crate when your dog grows or buy a large crate immediately.

If you have extra money, the first option would be the best. Initially, getting a medium crate is especially important for vet visits or if you are the type to drive around with your pet for adventures.


Crates may be made of three main kinds of materials: strong plastic, metal wires, and wood.

Labrador puppies at that age are prone to extreme teething, so if you plan to keep them in their crates for bedtime or longer than 10 minutes, strong plastic or metal wires are the best options that you can choose.

Another thing you may want to consider when selecting a material is the climate in your area. Metal wire cages are sturdy and provide excellent airflow. Many strong plastic crates have plenty of air circulation to ensure that these air vents provide enough airflow.

The last thing is about mobility. Metal crates can be heavy and impractical for short trips, while strong plastic crates are easy to bring around and will have a lesser possibility of damaging your car.

Wood is best kept in homes with low humidity and non-teething pets. They may look great with your other furniture and blend with your overall home decoration. There are different designs for a wooden crate as well as colors and sizes. So, choosing one won’t become much of a problem if you want a wooden type of crate for your Lab.

Weight of your Labrador

Your Labrador puppy will usually gain around 5 – 10 pounds of weight for the first 6-7 months. If you buy them a medium crate while they are still a puppy, just ensure that it can withstand and carry them up to around 20 to 40 lbs.

Manufacturers write the maximum weight capacity of a crate on the box it comes with. The max weight limit will give you an idea on how much the crate can carry with it and help you ensure your dog’s safety especially when traveling.

Purpose of the crate

There are plenty of reasons you may want a crate, for crate training, for sleeping, or for your dog’s personal space. Let’s go through them to find which one suits you.

Now for crate training, you may want to purchase a heavy-duty medium crate. A plastic crate is a good choice, as it gives them a sense of privacy and gets them used to staying in a confined space.

Metal wire crates or wooden ones allow you to see into them, giving you a better idea of your dog’s body language, which is important for training.

If the purpose of the crate is for sleeping or just their personal space, buying a large crate is great, as it gives them a sense of familiarity. It will have a bigger area for them to play, and you can monitor them better.

Your personal preferences 

With all that’s been said, no factor is more important than your preference. You will be able to understand what your Labrador puppy needs best. Just trust yourself and your instinct as a pet owner.

There you have some considerations to think about when shopping around for Labrador retriever dog crates. Weigh your options well and determine the right crate size that can accommodate your pooch comfortably.

5 Best Crate for Labrador: In-depth Reviews

1. Best Metal Crate: MidWest Homes for Pets iCrate Dog Crate

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So many crates can have only a single door, but this lab’s crate is flexible enough to have two doors.

The double doors of the crate make it more suitable for a large breed dog like a Labrador or German shepherd especially in terms of loading and unloading your dog.

The metal crates are also made with tough and quality materials to ensure that one can be used for a long time. There is also no worry about your pet chewing through it!

One measure 48 by 29.6 by 31.7 inches and can accommodate a pet from 90 to 110 lbs. Weigh your pooch before buying this dog crate. Choose the next crate size for a heavier dog.

This is a durable wire crate for destructive dogs and older dogs. It’s also made with more security features, including its slide-bolt door latches along with block and locking tips, providing a safer and more secure dwelling place for your canine friend.

In the design of these metal wire crates is also a divider panel and protective rubber feet to keep it in its place.

For easy transport and carrying, the Midwest iCrate starter kit also has a carrying handle.

This crate for your Labrador is also easy to assemble. You can do it in minutes without any special tools required.

The large size crate can also be folded flat for convenient travel. It is very portable and can be easily taken into a car.

This properly sized crate offers perfect ventilation for its large door openings. This enough ventilation can keep your dog cool during the summer months.

Overall, the best wire dog crates can aid in crate training effectively and allow your dog to take full advantage of it for their natural instinct for seeking out a den.


  • Instructions for safety and assembly
  • Heavy duty and durable metal crate
  • Designed with a divider panel
  • Chew proof and almost indestructible
  • Has a carrying handle for easy transport


  • Wire latch has rough edges

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2. Best Wood Crate: Casual Home Wooden Large Pet Crate

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This Casual Home wooden type of crate is another pet crate to consider for your Labrador. It has a solid wood construction that improves its durability to last for years. However, this dog crate is not chew proof.

This made in Thailand crate for Labradors is compact and is not bulky to take up a lot of space. In fact, it also looks aesthetically pleasing to complement any home decoration.

I liked its end table design, which makes it more decorative than other choices featured here.

The dog’s crate also has this classic feel in it, making it suitable for many spaces.

It has overall dimensions of 36.5 by x 24 x 29.25 (LWH), while internals are 33 by 21 by 26 inches (LWH).

This crate for large dogs isn’t only pleasing in appearance but is also easy to assemble. You don’t need any special tools to put it up.

This particular dog crate size can hold a dog between 25 and 40 pounds, but it has a weight limit of 200 pounds.

The wooden crate for Labrador is designed with a lockable gate that offers pet owners peace of mind, knowing that their dog won’t be able to come out on its own.

The furniture style crate has no divider, though.

Overall, the crate for a Labrador is one of the best furniture style crates that you can check out if you’re looking for a classic looking and quality dog’s crate.


  • Solid wood construction adds durability
  • Lockable gate for your peace of mind
  • Classic look and appeal end table design
  • Can hold large dogs up to 40 pounds
  • Easy to assemble


  • Not for smaller Labrador pups

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3. Best Metal & Wood Crate: FEANDREA Dog Crate Furniture

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This metal and particle board crate combination is a large size crate with enough room and sleeping space for your Labrador.

It is one of Amazon’s best dog crates in the category for a lot of reasons like its aesthetic appearance for a lab’s crate. But take note that it’s not a soft sided dog crate.

While there are so many crates, pet owners who crate train their labs choose this wood and wire crate for its multiple uses, too.

The lovely furniture style dog crate can improve the appearance of your space because this same crate functions in many ways!

This best dog crate for Labrador pups can serve as a nightstand or side table at home aside from being your pet’s safe and secure place.

In addition, this crate for your Labrador is also chew resistant, although not 100% chew proof. It is sturdy enough to last for many years, while also providing a safe place for your pet.

There are also two doors in this small lab puppy crate, so you can choose between the right or left door. They also let your pet go in and out without any hassle.

It also has a side door that can be positioned either to the left or right.

If you have a super large dog, you should pick the extra large size crate for your Labrador to avoid buying multiple crates of the wrong size.

It is also why you should carefully check the dog crate size. This particular model is for smaller dogs weighing up to 30 pounds, like Lab puppies, toy poodles, Jack Russell, or Chihuahua.  Refer to the dog crate sizes for guidance.

You can also use the included tray in two ways. Place the tray under the mesh at the bottom to catch dirt, fur, or crumbs. Alternatively, it can also be used to be a comfortable surface for your Labrador pup.

Nevertheless, this puppy crate is one of the best crates around for its durable features and cool design. You should check it out.


  • Can accommodate up to 30 lbs of smaller breeds
  • Comes with a removable and multipurpose tray
  • Designed with double doors for ease of going in and out
  • Provides safety and security for durable materials
  • Classic rustic brown color and modern design


  • Not chew proof
  • Can be heavy

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4. Best Indoor Crate: New Age Pet ecoFLEX Pet Crate 

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For an overview of this adult Labrador crate, this dog crate is decorative and elegant in that it blends perfectly well in all spaces.

It is also made of ECOFLEX material and is available in four colors, such as Russet brown, espresso black, antique white, and gray.

This end table/ adult Lab retriever or older dog crate is also available in four sizes from small to X large.

Refer to the dog’s crate sizes for guidance on the weight limit one can accommodate. This particular adult dog crate model is for large dogs up to 100 pounds.

This large dog crate is made of safe, nontoxic material called ECOFLEX that is a combination of reclaimed wood and plastic.

If most crates would need some tools, this product doesn’t need those to assemble, and it’s easy to build, too. It has overall dimensions of 35.9 by x 23.7 x 28 inches (LWH).

I also liked that these Labrador crates also don’t require any special maintenance or cleaning products to keep it looking good. It’s easy to clean with a wiping cloth.

Overall, this extra large dog crate is one of the best crates for Labradors around not just for its appealing design but also its toughness to last for many years.  Take note that it is not a travel crate, though.


  • Easy to assemble, no special tools needed
  • Classic and lovely aesthetics and design
  • Durable and long lasting construction material
  • Available in many colors and sizes
  • Doesn’t need any maintenance, simple cleaning only


  • Not for dog owners looking for travel crates

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5. Best Folding Traveling Crate: Amazon Basics 2-Door Dog Kennel 

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This AmazonBasics crate might be what you’re looking for if you’re buying a travel crate or kennel.

This particular model is a large, soft crate for a Labrador retriever, with dimensions of 36 by 24 by 24 inches (LWH) and has a tan color.

The soft crate is also collapsible, which makes it very portable and easy to travel with.

The affordable Amazon Basics dog kennels/travel crates are also lightweight, which makes them the perfect travel companion for you and your pooch.

The Amazon Basics crates can also make your doggie comfortable because it has soft sides.

The tan colored dog crate for a Labrador is made of lightweight but durable polyester fabric material along with PVC frame. It is easy to assemble and doesn’t require special tools.

I also liked that this travel crate for Labrador retrievers can be folded flat, allowing for quick and easy storage.

It also offers easy loading and unloading because it has two doors – one on top and one in front.

This large dog breed crate also has zipper closures along with fastening straps.

For ventilation, the Amazon Basics dog crate is designed with mesh windows along with a front door to provide enough ventilation on all of its sides.


  • Excellent ventilation on all sides
  • Soft crate for added pooch comfort
  • Ideal for large dog breeds from 76 to 90 pounds
  • Lightweight and collapsible for easy transport
  • Easy to assemble without special tools required


  • Only for crate trained, not for destructive dogs

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Should I leave toys or bedding in my Labrador’s crate?

Whether it’s a plastic, wooden, or wire dog crate for your puppy, Labrador crates must be comfortable, safe, and secure and have some necessities like a dog bed and toys, like puzzles, that don’t pose a choking hazard.

Adding toys is good especially for Labrador puppies that need mental stimulation. Toys can help in improving the success of crate training for your doggy.

Good bedding for your lab puppy will also help create a secure and comfortable space where they could relax and feel at home.

How long can I leave my Labrador in a crate?

You should not leave an adult dog in a dog crate for more than eight hours. Meanwhile, it should not be more than five hours for younger Labrador retriever puppies that are at least 17 weeks old.

Don’t leave them home alone and all-day inside a crate because they’d be lonely, and this could affect both their physical and mental health.

And while your pooch can sleep in a crate, you shouldn’t leave them in it for 12 hours during the daytime.

Final Thoughts

A dog crate is a wonderful tool to have for your Labrador puppy or pooch.

It trains them of their natural instinct in seeking out a safe, secure, and comfortable place and prevents them from chewing through your shoes, carpet, and other furnishing in your home.

A lab puppy crate also aids in house training your pet to become a well-behaved adult lab dog.

To take full advantage of the best dog crate, choose one that is made of sturdy materials and that is appropriate for your dog’s size and temperament.

We do hope that this buying guide and reviews was able to help you select the right crate that will aid you in developing a house trained Labrador retriever.


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