Best Dog House for Labrador 2023: Top 5 Reviews & Buying Guide

For your Labrador retriever, there is no place like their dog house where they can rest, relax, and simply have a space of their own.

That’s why it pays off to ensure that you’re getting thebest dog house for Labrador. It’s one of the easiest ways to make them feel cozy and safe and at home.

However, a puppy house is different from an adult dog house, so consider the size of the Labrador house when choosing one.

Aside from that, think about the materials, appearance and design, insulation, and ease of cleaning and maintenance.

On the market, many dog houses are available and are made of materials like plastic, metal, or wood.

There are also ones that suit indoor or outdoor use. So when making the decision, you need to think about these things.

Today, we’re reviewing the top picks for every category and highlighting the factors to consider when choosing a Labrador puppy or adult dog house.

By the end of this buying guide, we do hope you’ll be able to select the right dog house for your four footed friend.

Types of dog houses

Getting a Labrador puppy or adult dog house isn’t simply buying the most aesthetically pleasing one, but material must also be taken into consideration.

Keep reading for the types of dog houses based on material.


Wooden dog houses may be the most common of all types.

There is no doubt because wood is an excellent material that offers nice insulation and a pleasing design, which is most of the time customizable if you’re building a dog cage or house yourself.

Wood is relatively easy to work with, requires low maintenance, and when treated, it can resist decay.

Wooden dog houses are typically meant for outdoor installation and for pet owners who are living in places with extreme weather conditions.

Wood is also less affected by winds, rain, and other weather elements, keeping your dog safe and sheltered from those.

It’s also pet-friendly in that wooden houses can offer excellent insulation for your lab puppy or dog during the winter or summer because of its strong and thick nature, offering your furry friend a comfortable space to sleep and rest.


If you prefer a lighter in weight and a simpler dog house for your pet, a plastic made dog house may be your best bet.

It’s very easy to clean and maintain and is available in a wide range of designs, sizes, and even shapes.

Due to the versatile nature of plastic, dog houses made of it are also customizable to have different thicknesses.

Plastic Labrador dog houses are also budget-friendly, and you’ll be able to find so many affordable options out there.

Plastic roofing is also a good choice because it won’t rot, leak, or be easily damaged.

Assembly is a breeze with plastic, and still others don’t need any setting up. You can also easily move or pick up a lightweight plastic dog house.

Meanwhile, insulation is the problem with plastic, though, even when the dog house is manufactured thick.

This means that you need to add insulation if you’re installing it in your backyard, but not if you’re placing it indoors.

Plastic can also break if you have an aggressive Labrador.


Metal dog houses are durable, but they can be heavy and bulky.

They’re typically made of aluminum or steel and are rectangular in shape. Yes, there can be limited shapes available for a metal dog house.

Metal is chew-proof, durable, and scratch-proof material, making them almost indestructible.

Metal pooch houses are also relatively easy to clean, offer good visibility, and have nice ventilation.

On the downside, metal can be really hot in the summer and may cause discomfort if it’s placed outside because its temperature can increase as the surrounding temperature increases.

Features to Look for a Labrador Retriever House

In the following are the important features to think about when comparing your options for a dog house.

Insulated dog houses

Just like humans, dogs may also suffer from heat and cold and may also get a cold.

That’s why it’s essential to think about the weather in your area when picking a dog house to ensure that you’re insulating the dog house sufficiently in extreme weather.

Insulated dog houses, which may also have a door flap for an additional barrier in the design, can help maintain your pet’s body temperature and protect them against the cold.

Portable or collapsible dog houses

Do you love traveling with your pooch and you want to keep them feeling comfortable?

A portable or collapsible dog house is a good option. It offers your dog a place to rest when you’re traveling and outdoors with them.

One is easy to transport, carry, and assemble, and it can be a good option for training your dog as well.

An example is a collapsible wooden dog house, which may be lighter than a metal dog house.

It also tends to be a lot cheaper than metal. But then, it’s not chew-proof and may not be for your dog that chews through materials as well as for teething puppies.

Nevertheless, collapsible or portable doghouses are excellent for Labradors on the go because they are easy to pack, carry, and assemble.

They’re also perfect for camping trips and picnics as well as for use in the car (depending on size) and at home.

Ease of cleaning and maintenance

A dog house designed with a removable floor and roof would be beneficial, too, because it’s easy to clean and maintain. You can also easily remove any pests or bugs that might be in the doghouse as well.

So aside from durability and nice appearance, you must also consider how long you would be taking to clean and maintain your chosen dog house.

Design and aesthetics

Remember that this dog house would be a permanent part of your home or backyard. Do you want a dog house that matches your landscape or exterior (outdoor use) or complements your interiors (indoor use)?

Whether outdoors or indoors, you may want to pick a dog house that looks pleasing and that matches your decoration.

Would you like a traditional looking dog house or something unique like an igloo style one?

Some pet owners even get one that could look like the mini version of their home or something almost similar with its architecture.

In terms of design, you might want one with a removable floor and roof for easy maintenance and cleaning or one with a porch for more space for your pet.

In addition, Labrador dog houses with raised floors are a good option because they can offer some air space, providing insulation and keeping your pet’s house warm.

If you’re choosing a wooden doghouse, having a raised floor may also prevent the wood from absorbing any moisture from the ground.

If you’re living in areas with extreme weather conditions, look for a dog house that can deal with heavy snowfall or rain.

A smaller one may be a better option during the cold winter because it can help retain your dog’s body heat.

For the roof type, there are many styles and types of materials to choose from. An example is a pitched one, which can make more space for heat during winter.

Another is a single panel roof, which can offer a compact style and design for the house, while also giving better insulation.

5 Best Dog House for Labrador: in-depth Reviews

1. Best Wooden Labrador House: Precision Pet Products Extreme Outback Log Cabin Dog House

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Stylish and appealing to the eyes, this Precision Pet outback log cabin dog house is an excellent wooden house for your pooch.

It is available in three different sizes, so be sure to take measurements of your dog for the right one.

This particular model we’ve reviewed is the dark brown or walnut variety, which complements any home architecture and theme nicely.

One of its remarkable features, this log cabin Labrador house is element-proof! It can deal with all types of weather, and that’s thanks to its sealed coating and raised floor.

This slanted roof design is weather resistant asphalt, which has the ability of repelling both rain and snow, ensuring your pet is protected from extreme weather elements.

It may also be able to block the sunlight, while also maintaining heat inside their house in the winter.

For added durability, this dog house is made with reinforced stainless steel that can provide a tough support for the entire house.

In terms of adjustment, you can easily do that with this log cabin dog house that has adjustable feet. Each can be adjusted to offer stability when placed on a wide range of surfaces.

This product also comes from sizes small to large, making it available for different sizes of pets.

Overall, the Extreme Outdoor Log Cabin is the best wooden dog house for your Labrador because it is a comfortable and well-designed shelter for your pooch. It will not disappoint.


  • Slanted roof design to resist rain and snow
  • Durable wood and reinforced stainless steel material
  • Stylish dog house to complement any home design
  • Available in a wide range of sizes from small to large
  • Quality, made in the USA pet house


  • Not waterproof
  • Not portable

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2. Best Plastic Labrador House: Petmate Vari Dog Kennel

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If you’re crate training your dog or puppy, this one can also be the solution because it is designed with your pet’s comfort and safety in mind.

It’s also manufactured by Petmate, one of the most reputable dog crate/kennel manufacturers on the market with more than 50 years of experience in the industry.

This bleached linen colored plastic dog house by Petmate is for medium and average large dogs and can be ideal for puppy use indoor or outdoor.

Its overall dimensions are 32 by 22.5 by 24 inches (LWH) and is made of durable plastic material.

It’s available in sizes from 19 inches to 40 inches, but this one we’ve reviewed is the 32-inch variety. Choose the right size for your dog.

The plastic dog kennel or crate also has many outstanding features, such as lockable, durable, and eco-friendly and weighs 12.5 pounds, making it lightweight for travel and outdoor use.

More so, the dog house for Labrador can accommodate weight up to 125 pounds and is versatile for other pets, like cats as well.

The portable dog house is perfect for travel because it’s not just lightweight, but its overall dimensions make it suitable to fit in a car.

Ventilation-wise, the plastic crate features wire vents as well as a raised interior, allowing for better air circulation and keeping your pooch comfortable and dry.

If you plan to travel with your puppy on an airplane, you can also have peace of mind that it meets the standards of most airlines.

For durability, it’s made of tough recycled plastic, ensuring it can last for the years to come. In the design is also an easy to open front latch, allowing for easy pet access.


  • Easy access front latch
  • Portable and meets most airline standards on crates
  • Lightweight and made of durable materials
  • Manufactured by a reliable brand
  • Lockable and eco-friendly dog house


  • Latch mechanism could be improved

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3. Best Insulated Labrador House: Pets Imperial Norfolk XL Insulated Wooden Dog Kennel

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This PETS IMPERIAL wooden dog kennel is the best insulated Labrador house. It’s made of engineered wood and has a cedar color, which can complement your backyard perfectly.

This dog house is well-insulated for its all insulated panels. The insulation is timber for its groove and tongue. It is also designed with 0.51” of Styrofoam along with a 0.08” plywood.

The excellent insulation of the dog house can keep your pet cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

It’s available in XL size; however, it can be good because a dog will not outgrow it if you’re buying it for your Labrador puppy.

Aside from the awesome design and quality build of this kennel, it’s made of durable fir wood that can last through the years.

I also liked that it’s waterproof, which makes it great for dog owners who live in areas with extreme weather conditions.

In addition, it’s designed with two pieces of support rails, giving this dog house an ability of accommodating weight up to 154 pounds.

For easy cleaning and maintenance, its floor is removable, which also allows pets owners to control pests easily.

Its roof can be opened and is designed with two pieces of locking arms.

Its feet are rot-free and adjustable and have a plastic cap, allowing for easy and quick adjustments on the kind of surface where you’ll be installing it, even on an uneven surface.

It also has a two-inch ground clearance, allowing for better air circulation while keeping its flooring comfortable and dry.

I also noticed that this one has very thick walls as compared to other dog houses on the market.

Its roofing is made of asphalt that offers an additional layer to cover the wooden component of the doghouse, keeping it durable for years. This material also offers improved protection from the elements, while providing more insulation.

Finally, it has a PVC strip curtain that works excellently in keeping bugs and flies away and snow and rain out.


  • Front and back insulation, with side panels
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Adjustable height and rot-free feet
  • Raised floor to protect from moisture and cold
  • Front access door


  • Some assembly needed

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4. Best For Indoor:New Age Pet ECOFLEX Homestead Dog Crate

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Would you like an aesthetically pleasing Labrador dog house? What about this ECOFLEX Homestead dog crate for your canine friend?

This product is an indoor furniture style dog crate that can complement your home decoration, while offering your pet a cozy and relaxing place to stay.

This antique white color furniture dog house is durable in that it’s made of ECOFLEX material. It’s a combination of reclaimed wood fiber by-products and recycled polymers.

This is good news knowing that its manufacturer also practices sustainability. It’s eco-friendly, and that’s a plus point for eco-conscious consumers.

When it comes to aesthetics, every component in the design is well-thought out. This product has a barn style dog house door with lovely black accents and hardware, is side mounted, and has a single bottom sliding lock mechanism.

This dog house is also used to double as an end table where I could put some flower vases or home accents.

The rustic style is nostalgic in that it would make one feel laid back and comfy at the same time.

Another color available is gray, so you can check that out if you’re not much a fan of antique white.


  • Multifunctional, can double as an end table
  • Made of environment-friendly ECOFLEX material
  • Rustic appealing antique white color and design
  • Offers a safe and comfortable dwelling place indoors
  • Easy to assemble and clean


  • Only in two sizes and colors

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5. Best for Outdoor: Pexio Solid Wood Dog Houses

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This Pexio doghouse is made specifically for two large dogs, so you might want to get this one if you have two dogs or maybe want a very spacious house for your pooch. It can accommodate one extra large dog breed or two large dogs.

The large dog kennel, which is affordable, is economical and space-saving since you no longer have to buy two dog houses and set them up in your garden or backyard.

In its design is a removable partition, which you can take out if you’re keeping one dog in the house.

In terms of durability, it is made of solid wood to keep up and remain beautiful and highly functional for the years to come.

Solid wood is also a reliable material for keeping the elements out because it can offer nice insulatio to keep your pet feeling comfortable and well-rested in their kennel.

This Labrador dog house is unique in that there are not a lot of doghouses that can hold up to two dogs.

The manufacturer created this product as an answer to the request of many pet owners to have a doghouse like it.

The overall dimensions of the house in the exterior are 73 by 39 by 42 inches (WDH), while 30 by 30 by 40 inches in the interior. The door opening measures 18 by 24 inches on each side.

The raised floor improves air circulation while keeping its flooring dry and your pooches comfortable.

Overall, there is so much to appreciate about this doghouse, which is made of solid wood and has a nice outdoor design. It’s also unique for accommodating up to two large dogs and is easy to maintain for its removable roof and floor.


  • Perfect for two large dogs
  • Designed with a removable partition
  • Made of durable solid wood construction
  • Spacious and insulated design
  • Comes with two free dog doors


  • Not for aggressive dogs

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Additional features and accessories

Here are more to consider when picking a Labrador dog house.

Dog house doors

Typically, dog houses for sale don’t come with a door, but there are many benefits of getting a dog house door, such as making your lab’s house look better and protecting them from the elements, like snow and rain, while keeping its interior warm.

When choosing one for the dog house, check for a dog door that you can remove during the summer days.

Dog house heaters

Your dog’s body heat and their bedding would be insufficient to keep their home warm. That’s why it will also be a sound decision to think of buying a dog house heater.

It can keep the temperature up especially if you’re living in places where there are super cold winters.

Especially for old dogs, sick dogs, or dogs with failing health, a heater in their dog house would be helpful.

Owners spend in an external heater if they already have an outdoor dog house.

Choose one that depends on the size of the dog house. Refer to the product description for its cubic feet capacity.

Cooling mats or fans

Your pet might feel uncomfortable when the weather is hot, not to mention labs also have a fur coat.

In the hot summer days, you might notice your doggie seems restless and panting all the time.

In this case, you might also want to consider getting a dog cooling mat or fan to keep them feeling fresh and cool.

A cooling mat or fan in their dog house can help in regulating their body temperature.

A cooling mat in particular can also provide them a place to lie down or work as a cooling liner in a car seat or dog bed.

On the other hand, a dog house cooling fan can help in displacing the air around their home and keep them cool at the same time. A dog house cooling fan may also aid in convective heat transfer.

Bedding or cushion options

Bedding is another accessory that you’d need for the dog house.

It can cushion the house’s flooring, while also keeping your pet warm and comfortable while sleeping.

Cushioning or bedding options can also protect the flooring from scuffing and scratching for a long-lasting and nice appearance of their dog house.

A few common materials include memory foam that is comfortable and supportive especially for a Labrador retriever that suffers from joint and muscle pain.

It may also be the best option if your canine friend is suffering from any discomfort.

Cooled beds like thin beds or as an additional layer to memory foam beds are another option to keep an adult or puppy cool.

If you have a destructive puppy or dog, you can also consider buying bedding or cushioning that has an added bite-proof cover and a safety design in mind like that which hides buttons and zippers.

Final Thoughts

There is every dog house available on the market – wooden, metal, plastic, or another material, but finding the right one for your pooch’s needs, temperament, and condition would make a sound choice.

This buying guide has featured different dog houses in every category. Each has their pros and cons, which you may be able to compare, to figure out which Labrador dog house would match them.

Weigh your options well and take the time to compare each type of dog house for your reference. The top picks featured earlier should be able to give you a clear picture of what every dog house would be able to provide your Labrador retriever with.

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