6 Best Toys for Lab Puppies & Buying Guide In 2023

Labs are highly intelligent and curious dogs and are playful and full of energy!  Playing with toys keeps them engaged, stimulated, and happy!

What better way to make them live a fulfilling life than to add physical and mental activities in their days through dog toys.

However, not all toys are safe and appropriate for Labrador retriever puppies. That’s why it would be wise to choose the best toys for lab puppies to ensure their safety and wellbeing.

While toys are integral in their overall health and wellness because they offer them an opportunity to play, interact, and stay busy, some toys are unsafe.

They could lead to choking hazards when swallowed, and some might also cause intestinal blockage when ingested.

In today’s guide, I’m featuring six toys for Labrador puppies and their qualities and characteristics that put them on our list. I’m also highlighting a buying guide to help you in the selection of the right toys for your little friend. So, are you ready? Keep reading.

Importance of choosing the right toy for lab puppies

In a hurry? Choosing the right puppy chew toys, interactive dog toys, or teething toys plays a huge role in the safety of your dog.  This is to say that it must be “indestructible” because labs enjoy and love chewing!

Note: No toy, however, is 100% indestructible especially for aggressive chewers. Keep your dog supervised when playing.

Toys play an integral part in the health, wellness, growth, and development of puppies that need constant physical and mental stimulation.

Playing a puzzle toy, chew toy, or any other dog toy plays a significant role in their happiness as well. Puppies can also develop social skills, improve thinking skills, and add physical exercise in their day with toys.

But when you need to choose toys for your baby lab, why should you consider it carefully?

Lab Puppy Toys Should Be of the Right Size

Choosing the right toys matters so that you can pick the appropriate size for your pup.  It is important to check their mouth size and the toy size.

Examining if the toy won’t fit completely inside their mouth is vital for their safety – preventing choking hazard.  It shouldn’t also be too large for their mouth, or else, your little pup might suffer from jaw straining.

Puppy Chew Toys Have Safe And Tough Materials

At the very least, these chew toys, balls, and other dog toys must be safe and non-toxic to ensure they don’t only enjoy playing with these toys but also prevent them from any choking hazard and accidental injuries.

Looking into the material of the puppy chew toy also matters. What are they made of? This is to ensure the safety of your lab puppy.

Some of the toys for lab puppies are made of durable and virtually indestructible rubber, preventing dog’s teeth from denting them.

For this reason, you must also examine your pet’s chewing style.

Are you looking for an interactive dog toy, such as a plush dog toy for games like fetch?

Dog owners must carefully think of this because it can have components on which their lab can chew on and break apart. This can lead to an emergency.

Thus, it is important to select the right dog toy to determine the material of the puppy chew toys. In this case, your safer bet can be rubber chew toys that can still be safe even if your pet is left alone, although not advised.

Toys for Labs Shouldn’t Be Too Hard

Selecting the right toys is also vital to ensure that they’re not too hard for your puppy, or else these chew toys for labs might cause straining in their jaws. Thus, these toys might not be your best option.

Lab puppy toys can be filled with treats

Moreover, dog owners must pick the right puppy toy to check if they could also have the option to fill them with food or snacks like in the case of puppy teething toys, which can help develop their teeth.

There are chew toys for labs that they can fill with pureed food or wet food, and then they can freeze these toys to give their dog later for a treat.

Some of these toys can be filled with dried food or biscuits that can present them a challenge, while also giving them the opportunity to develop their sense of taste of different foods that can also include other dog safe treats.

Giving nontoxic and safe puppy chew toys can encourage your pup to chew on these toys instead of home furnishings, sofa, and carpet in your home.

Factors to consider when choosing toys for lab puppies

Labrador Retrievers are playful and active, and keeping them physically and mentally stimulated with toys for an interactive play, like interactive dog toys, dog puzzle toys, and fetch toys are important for their overall health and wellness.

Allow them to spend their energy by staying active with these best puppy teething toys, puzzle toys, or a fetch toy.  To get started with the selection of a few toys for your Labrador puppy, here are some factors to consider.

Avoid unsafe dog chews and toys

With the overflowing energy of a Labrador puppy, they may be easily curious and eager to chew off and rip their toys apart and then swallow whatever they can.

That’s why it is best to avoid puppy toys that can be easily destroyed and ripped apart, and then later swallowed.

Not all pet toys are safe and some can be harmful to cause intestinal blockage, digestion issues, and even choking, like as follows.

  • Cooked bones that have abrasive parts which your pup can swallow and then cause them digestive tract issues
  •  A less durable squeaky toy that might be swallowed later on
  • Choking hazard materials like plastic films and sheets
  • Dog chews with large rawhide knots/pieces
  • Foam stuffed dog toys: These toys don’t last long and could lead to choking or intestinal blockage when parts are swallowed.
  • Avoid toys that are too hard to break their teeth, and some of these include ice cubes, cow hooves, and chew hooves.  Otherwise, the broken tooth will cause pain and might even lead to infection.

Toys like rubber made chew toys and balls can be safe puppy toys, provided you supervise your puppy. Some of them are entertaining and engaging toys, and others also allow stuffing with kibble bits.

A nylon-made dog teething toy, which can aid in developing pup’s teeth, can also be safe.

Thick rope interactive dog toys

Different toys designed as artificial bones, which can be made of rawhide or any other material, which is designed for safe swallowing.

Notes about safety

Certain factors come into play regarding the safety of your Labrador puppy when playing with their toys, and these include their level of activity, chewing style, preferences, as well as materials and size of the toys.

That’s why it’s essential for dog owners to choose the right size of the best chew toys.

So many dog toys can be too small for the mouth of your puppy, and such can lead to choking. It is because the toy can be swallowed easily and thus might lead to an emergency vet visit.

1. Regarding squeaky squirrels and other squeaky toys, I recommend not leaving your dog alone when around these toys. Our labs can be too curious and eager to discover where the sound can be coming from. They may rip apart the toy and ingest the squeaking part if they’re left unsupervised.

2.   When finding the best dog toys, I also suggest removing any components, such as strings or eyes, which can be chewed off and then swallowed.

3.  Check the label of the toys you’re buying, like in the case of plush toys or stuffed toys, which shouldn’t have harmful fillings, such as beads. They must also be machine washable and sturdy enough.

4.   Even a great toy will also need throwing away if it starts showing signs of tearing and breaking. Do this for the safety of your puppy. Discard a few dog toys they have that are not in good condition anymore.

5.  Planning to give puppies rawhide chews? Ask your vet about safe ones, as these toys may lead to choking hazards. You must also pay close attention to your lab puppy when playing rawhide toys.

Alternatively, you might as well pick something made of safer, more durable, and sturdier rubber material for the best teething toys.

Notes about rawhide chews

  • Swallowing large pieces of it could lead to choking.
  • Don’t give such toys to your Lab puppy if they cause upset stomach or diarrhea.
  • Don’t leave your dog alone when playing with a rawhide chew.


The right toys for teething puppies are made of rubber, and then an interactive toy when this puppy stage passes. For senior or old dogs, softer toys are advised. 

Recommended Labrador retriever Toys

Keeping your dog’s brain active and stimulated is one of the simplest ways of making them healthy and happy!  Toys for physical and mental stimulation also develop their social and behavioral skills.

With toys, they’ll be familiar with what to play and what not to play/chew as well as provide ways to exercise and develop their cognitive skills.

Physical activity toys

Being a responsible and loving dog owner, we want the best to keep our puppy entertained and active, and what better way to achieve this than to give them activity toys which can be made of tough, almost indestructible rubber material.

Meanwhile, there are fun toys, which are designed and made for Labrador puppies that love to play games like tug-of-war and exploring different textures, woven material, and even ropes.

While you may be thinking that tennis balls are good enough, they may not really be because they can easily be destroyed with a lot of chewing from a lab’s teeth.

Fun and entertaining puppy toys

Keep your puppy interested and engaged in their activities by giving them distracting toys that can make them happy and occupied for long hours especially for highly energetic puppies.

Your doggie that loves tasty treats will be happy with toys filled with delicious food, either dried or wet food, or even some dog safe human foods. Ask your vet about these.

You’ll also find feeder or busy box toys that you can fill with tasty dog treats.  Labrador pups that tend to eat quickly can develop proper eating habits using this feeder toy.

Soft puppy toys

While you’ll find puppy stuffed toys on the market, don’t buy them yet unless they’re safe and appropriate for your pup that tends to chew on everything in front of them out of curiosity.

Make sure that any of these comfort toys, which your dog might love to carry around for a good companion, is tough and small enough for comfortable carry.

Does your dog love destroying their chews? If so, I suggest choosing one that’s sturdy enough to deal with the bites and attacks.

Other toys for puppies

Toys for chewing There are toys that make a noise when the pup presses them; however, not all toys are created equal. Some are not longer-lasting and strong.  Latex chews are more durable.

Cleaning toys:  These rubber made toys are designed with raised nubs to help in removing coating from the dog’s teeth and may improve oral health.

Pulling toys: Does your dog love tug play? You’ll find puppy toys meant for pulling and can be made of rubber, leather, or rope.

Best toys for blind puppies

Looking for a new toy for your blind furry friend? You can consider squeaky toys or noisy toys that work great for their sense of hearing. They can use it to find the toy around your home, and this will keep them busy.

Look for sensory balls that can produce a longer noise, including wisecracks to keep your puppy interested.

There are also babble balls, which can make a sound/noise as they’re bouncing.

Then, there are also grunting toys for blind pups. These toys can create a tooting sound when they’re chomped, keeping your pet entertained for hours.

Toys for a puzzle game or scented chews are also available for blind dogs. These toys can help keep your dog busy, while developing their sense of smell and keeping them entertained for hours.

There are also toys that can work as a treat dispenser, which can give your pet both physical and mental stimulation.

They can try solving puzzle games and playing interactive toy and dog games especially if there is a tasty treat inside the toy.

Ideal toys for teething puppies

As your lab puppy is slowly transitioning to adult dogs and losing their puppy’s teeth and growing their adult teeth, they show more aggressive signs to chew everything in front of them or whatever they can get their teeth on, including your clothes, shoes, and furniture.

Don’t let this happen, so give them durable rubber toys or artificial nylon bones, or find those that can be frozen with some treats inside.

Teething toys for puppies will help reduce teething pain, too. But when choosing teething toys, you must check the label for guidance if they’re appropriate for the breed and size of your puppy.

I find Nylabone puppy teething toys, like teething pacifiers and teething rings, perfect for puppies because they are designed with raised nubs that can massage puppy gums.

There are also Kong toys designed and made for puppies. Some are designed to accommodate frozen food and treats, which can help soothe your pup’s teeth and gums.

But again, check the label to see if they’re the right size based on your dog’s weight and breed. For example, you should not give a large toy to a small puppy and vice versa.

6 Best Toys for a Lab Puppy

1. Kong Squeezz Ball, Assorted Colors Large 2 Pack

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This Kong toy pet ball is highly recommended for Labrador puppies and other large breeds. It’s a recessed squeaker ball that is fun and enjoyable to keep your pup physically and mentally stimulated.

Your lab pup will love this best chew toy that is designed with a recessed squeaker. It can give one of the most fun squeaks that your little friend will love.

If you’re leaving your pup for work, prevent boredom from striking them with this toy that can stimulate their senses and bring them so much enjoyment while you’re away.

It is ideal for games like fetch that can provide your pup with a source of exercise to keep them healthy and strong.

This dog ball can also help reduce the stress of indoor pets. As you know, pets too can get bored and anxious when doing nothing. It can also help develop their social skills, as they play and spend more time with you, their loving pet parent.

It is also for pet owners that would love to give their puppies a safe and nontoxic toy! Plus, it’s made of durable material to ensure long lasting use and fun – and more fetch toy games! This ball is also perfect for either indoor or outdoor play.

This product also comes with two Kong toys and vibrant colors to keep your puppy interested. And if your little pal loves noise, the crackle sound these toys can give out can keep them engaged for hours.

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2. Nylabone Puppy Starter Kit, Bone Style Toys

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Teething puppies tend to chew on items around your home, sometimes even rummaging the trash! Don’t let this happen, so give them gentle toys designed and made especially for puppies.

The three-pack bone style toys are soft yet sturdy for puppies with their baby teeth still on.  Each item is flavored and has a design to soothe gums and reduce pain in teething puppies.

This bone style chew toy is also good for pups with adult teeth because it is made of durable material that can handle constant chewing.

In addition, this tough product is perfect to keep your pet mentally and physically stimulated, preventing their stress and anxiety while also keeping them engaged enough with play.

These chew dog toys can help puppies reduce any destructive behaviors, which is good news for pet parents. Now, you can teach your pup to behave properly and chew on the right items instead of your shoes or precious carpet.

Moreover, these chews can prevent the loneliness in your puppy because they can keep them happy and busy, especially if they’re always indoors.

The puppy starter kit chews are also designed to protect their teeth and prevent oral health issues because they can aid in establishing a dental routine.

In addition, these puppy toys are designed to help in reducing tartar and plaque as your young puppy chews on them.

These toys can also help relieve teething pain among growing puppies, while also teaching them good chewing habits.

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3. Otterly Pets Puppy Dog Pet Rope Toys

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This tug toy comes in a set of colorful ropes, which are suitable for small to medium dogs that love playing and chewing. They offer plenty of benefits, including oral health, activity, and behavioral management.

The best tug toy for puppies can help reduce the buildup of plaque and tartar among puppies and aid in reducing teething pain and discomfort.

Playing also gives your pet plenty of opportunities to develop good behavior that you’ll be proud of. These rope toys can give them an outlet for chewing, so you can now stop worrying about coming home to broken furniture.

They can help in reducing poor biting and chewing behavior, which can be quite common among puppies that are still getting used to their new world and everything in it.

The ropes for puppies can encourage interactivity and social skills among young teething puppies.

These tug toys are made of durable natural cotton material fiber and every purchase comes with a reusable bag for travel and storage.

The vibrant rope toys for puppies can also help in cleaning puppy teeth, while massaging and soothing their gums.

You and your pet can enjoy fun games and activities together and develop your bond even more with these safe dog toys in beautiful colors!

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4. JoyToy Hide and Seek Dog Toy

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The puzzle game beehive toy is free from any harmful stuffing to ensure your pet’s safety. There are no small parts that can present choking hazards due to swallowing, too.

These toys are made of quality and safe materials and have a thicker plush fabric and tough stitching for long lasting use. However, take note that these toys are not for aggressive chewing dogs.

The best chew toys are also made washable, so cleaning won’t be a problem.

It’s also a great buy since it already comes with three plush toys and a beehive toy.

The height is also only three inches in overall length, which is ideal for puppies and small dogs.

That’s not all because it can help in reducing anxiety, boredom, and loneliness among small dogs because this toy can keep them company.

So even if you leave home for work, you don’t have to worry that your puppy will be sad and bored. You can rest assured that your pet will stay busy and engaged.

I liked that the toys are built with squeakers to capture and retain your little pal’s attention to keep them going and your pup entertained for a long time.

They’ll go wild looking for the source of the noise and keep their sense of hearing stimulated.

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5. TRIXIE Dog Activity Flip Board Dog Puzzle Toy

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Another on the list is this TRIXIE Flip Board interactive dog puzzle toy that is made using only safe and nontoxic materials.

It is lead-free and BPA-free and easy to clean with only warm water and soap. Plus, it’s dishwasher-safe.

What’s also good about this puzzle toy is it includes tips and tricks. They can assist especially new pet owners in optimally training their lab puppy.

However, note that you should still supervise your dog, especially aggressive chewers because no toy will ever be 100% indestructible.

The dog treat puzzle game toy is for puppies that easily get bored, stressed, or anxious. It is a level 2 interactive toy, which includes additional obstacles.

It is also designed to stimulate your pup with combined actions before they could earn their tasty treats.

This toy will keep your puppy mentally engaged and ignite their curiosity even more, as they lift, flip, and slide the compartments to discover hidden treats!

So allow your furry friend to have fun, while also developing their cognitive skills with this puzzle toy.

Overall, this flip board dog puzzle is one of the best interactive toys for puppies that money can buy.

If you want to keep your lovely pet focused, while developing their thinking skills, this toy might be an excellent choice.

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6. Chuckit! Ultra Tug Dog Toy and Fetch Toy

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This ChuckIt! Tug and fetch dog toys are another product to consider when it comes to the most fun toys for puppies. It is a great toy for strengthening your bond with your pup as well.

It is also a durable and safe toy made of 2-ply nylon band that is attached to a tough rubber ball. It can be for you if you want a long lasting dog toy that doesn’t need replacement sooner.

This toy is engaging and stimulating to keep them occupied and happy for many hours. However, take note that you must not leave your pup unsupervised when playing this toy or any other lab puppy toy.

But nevertheless, this dog toy is excellent for active puppies that like running and playing. It can surely add physical activities into their daily lives and improve their overall health.

Plus, it can prevent them from experiencing boredom and stress, especially when they’re always indoors.

I also liked that it’s super easy to clean, and that’s thanks to its rubber surface.  It makes washing off dirt or mud fast. It also has a bright color that makes it easy for us to find it in grasses and parks.

I recommend this toy for puppies as well as small to large dogs. In addition, I suggest it for pet owners that want to play more interactive games with their pets, including games of fetch and tug of war.

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How do I choose the right size toy for my Labrador?

It is important to select the best dog toys for your Labrador because something that is too small can cause accidental injuries due to swallowing or ingesting. For instance, too small toys, including balls, can easily become lodged in the throat or mouth of your dog.

Something that is too large for your pup to chew can cause jaw straining.  Too large toys for young puppies can also cause damage to the chewing muscles and jaw of your puppy.

Ultimately, you must avoid toys, like interactive toys, that are not dog safe. You must remove strings, ribbons, or any parts that could be chewed off, broken apart, or swallowed.

Are there any safety considerations to keep in mind when choosing toys for Labradors?

Yes, there are safety considerations to remember when selecting a dog toy.  They should be made of nontoxic materials and are durable enough to handle the attacks.

In addition, they shouldn’t have parts that can be easily chewed off and ingested. They are also not filled with harmful materials like beads, which can be swallowed by your puppy.

How often should I replace my Labrador’s toys?

You must know when to discard or replace the best dog toys, like rope toys, to avoid accidents and injuries.

Especially when a teething puppy tends to chew on just about anything and actively does it at this stage, you must know when it’s the right time to replace your dog’s toys.

Typically, high quality toys made of durable materials are long lasting and can handle your dog’s playful behavior. However, there will still come a time when they need replacement like when you notice excessive wear and tear, especially when there are bits coming off bits.

At the very least, there are several factors involved when to replace dog toys, including your pet’s chewing habits and play intensity.

Some pets may be able to destroy a dog toy in days, and some in months. It really depends on your dog’s play habits and intensity.

In Summary

Great toys for puppies are safe, nontoxic, and durable and are from reputable sources known for making quality dog toys. They are safe for chewing and playing with our playful and active pets, although they come in different styles and forms.

A good dog toy can keep your dog busy, entertained, and happy because they can provide mental and physical stimulation and prevent boredom especially that labs are known as active breeds.

Hope this buying guide and reviews of toys for young puppies have given you an idea on the types of toys, like chews, puzzles, and balls, safety considerations, as well as factors to consider when selecting the best chew toy.

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