Meet Barb Burri

I've been on Labsr4u since shortly after I got my first lab, Hawke in 2000. I'm mom to three Labradors currently, Hawke, black female, age 8, and Kestrel, age 5 also a black female and a 2 year old black male named Merlin. Hawke has earned her RN, CGC, TDIA, CLS-1, and CLS-2F and CC. Kestrel is the over-achiever in the pack with a U-CD, CD, RE, NA, NAP, NJP, CL-2, CC and CGC. Merlin, is no slacker earning his RN, TDI, CC and CGC and getting ready for obedience!!! I enjoy training the "slabs", taking agility and obedience classes with them, and Hawke also does therapy and reading dog work.

Barb BurriHawke is the dog who got me over my fear of dogs, and now I have a new career. After 25 years in business admin and software engineering, I went back to school to become a Certified Veterinary Technician. I needed a "dog job" and now I have one. I also have a few volunteer dog jobs, as breeder/puppy contact for the Lab Club of Greater Boston, and now with Labrador Lifeline! My husband Mike and I share our home, not only with the “raptor” labs, but also with a cat named Jake and some 20 or so fish. Hawke, Kestrel and Merlin are the perfect family members for us, because of their love of the outdoors, interest in hiking, and great ability to spend any down time holding down the couch!

In my non-dog life, I'm a Girl Scout leader, avidly enjoy knitting and crocheting, and president of the LRCGB - there are those who say I just can't say no to a volunteer job. I work as a veterinary practice manager, and also teach in the Tech program of which I’m a graduate. I live in Southern New Hampshire – it’s my dream location, close to the beach, close to the mountains, and four incredibly unique seasons.

I first became aware of LLL through the auctions, and have been a very dedicated shopper for years. I was highly honored when approached to intern for the board, and I hope I can bring my best to serving Labradors in need!

Saving Lives, One Lab at a Time