Heather's Guiness

Meet Heather Clapper


My name is Heather Clapper. I am an Army wife who just happens to love Labradors. I first fell in love with labs with our first dog, Rugby the chocolate lab. He was truly one of a kind. It is because of Rugby that I found labsr4u and Labrador Life Line. He had many health issues including severe hip dysplasia. After many surguries including two total hip replacements, he finally succumbed to kidney disease before he was six years old. I know how it is to have a loved animal get sick.

After Rugby, I finally decided to become an active member of Labrador Life Line (although I had been a volunteer for them for a few years). We finally were ready for another lab, so we found Guinness at a lab rescue group. He was about 18 months when he came to our home. He is quite the handful, but he is a sweet lab.

We recently added another addition to our home in the form of a two-legged baby, Aidan! He is, of course, the cutest and most wonderful baby in the world! I am currently a stay at home Mom, but I am a college English instructor by trade! Our place of residence changes often as the Army tends to do that! My husband, Gil, is in school to become a nurse anesthetist.

I hope to continue to help this wonderful breed for a long time to come.



Saving Lives, One Lab at a Time