Labrador Life Line Calendar of Events


Date Event

February 6th - February 22nd 2015 Heart Dog Auction 2015
June 5 - June 26 2015 Cyber Dog Show
September 4 - September 19 2015 Labour of Love Auction


Our annual Auctions and Cybershow are our biggest fundraisers.  Each year, LLL twice offers bidders the chance to win their hearts' desires.  Beautiful, fun and unique items are offered at both our Heart Dog Auction in February and our Labour of Love auction in September.  In June, everyone has a chance to show off their loved pets in our Cybershow!

If you would like to support our fundraisers, you can help by:

As always, Labrador Life Line recognizes that it is through the generosity of supporters like you that we can continue to help the Labradors that we all love.


Saving Lives, One Lab at a Time