A celebration of those humans and dogs who have shown all of the very best characteristics of our most loved Breed!

A tribute to those people who really are "as wonderful as my dog thinks I am!".
We have received donations in honour of folks such as those - see the names below...

A tribute to those dogs who demonstrate the "spirit of the Labrador Retriever".
We have received donations in honour of dogs with those characteristics - see the names below... 

In recognition of those people and dogs who:
have touched our hearts...
have been an inspiration to us...
have influenced us in some positive fashion...

We celebrate your contribution to our lives, to our breed, to us as individuals...
you are appreciated and we wish to publicly acknowledge your contribution.

In honour of Cathy Mahle of Labs4Rescue In honour of Sandra Stewart-Kruger
In honour of Hawke  
In honour of Kestrel In honour of CH Snowden Hill Mango Crazy, JH, RA, WC, CGC, CC
In honour of Hawke, TDIAOV In honour of Kestrel NAP, NJP, NF, RL-1, CL-3, FFX-AG
In honour of Merlin RA, RE, RL-1, RL-2 In honour of Tails From The Dark Side Part II
In honour of Nyke In recognition of a GREAT group of Co-workers
In honour of Ferris MACH-2, CT-ATE, C-ATCH In recognition of Kodi and Digger
In recognition of AKC/U-Ch Viking Hil'Die Tanzbarin JH, RN, WCI,CGC,CC In recognition of Marianne Voogt
In recognition of ARCH Grampian Raptor Mystique, RE, RL-3, CTL-2, TDI, CGC, CC In recognition of Ch. Sasco Gibraltar, CD, RN
In recognition of ARCH Burri's Lofty LadyHawke, RA, RLV CSL1 CSL3-F TDIAOV CGC CC In recognition of ARCHX UCD Burri's Celestial Kestrel, CD, RE, NA,NAP,NJP,NF,RL1X,RL2X,CL3,FFX-AG,TDI,CGC,CC
In honour of "Casbar Splash" English In honour of The Raptor Labs
In recognition of Anne Rouse In recognition of Pax Rouse
In recognition of Brenda Watts In recognition of Kate J Seemann
In recognition of CH UCH Lola Tortola Viking RN, JH, WC, CGC, CC In recognition of ARCHX Burri's Lofty LadyHawke CD, RA, RLVX,RL1X, RL2X, CSL1,TDIAOV, CC, CGC
In recognition of Barb Burri MBA, M.Ed., CVT, LVT, CPDT-KA In recognition of Hawke, Kestrel & Merlin Burri
In recognition of ARCHX Burri's Lofty LadyHawke CD, RA, RLVX,RL1X, RL2X, CSL1,TDIAOV, TDIRVA, CC, CGC In recognition of Leigh Tocchio
In recognition of Grampian Hi’Ilawe, aka ‘KONO’ In recognition of Donna Schmidt
In recognition of Labslandings Yellow Rosebud In recognition of GrCh Red Maple Grampian Straight Man 'ZEPPO
In recognition of Bill Boggs  

Labrador Life Line wishes to express its sincere thanks for donations made in honour of the folks listed above.  Those people, and all of the others like them out there, are the ones who have influenced us and others, shown their tremendous support for and love of our breed, and are the people we all wish we could be.

If you wish to donate in honour of someone you believe is a person who should be publicly acknowledged, please click here.

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