Pecos' Pals

Pecos' story is not a pretty one.  If you have not seen it you can read about Pecos and his life at Pecos' story; he epitomizes the standard by which his Pals are measured.

A Pecos Pal is an individual Labrador Retriever that, in the opinion of the Board, shows the remarkable resiliency of temperament and unexpected depths of trust and love in dealing with the worst humans can offer -- neglect, abuse, and cruelty. These individuals are able to maintain the Labrador temperament that we all know and love even in the face of the most severely adverse conditions and circumstances and are a testament to the boundless forgiveness and love that dogs in general, and Labradors in specific, are capable of.

Because we wanted to show the dogs honoured in Pecos' memory we have included this graphic on their individual success stories, and those special Labradors are also listed below:

Casey was turned over to rescue by his previous "family" who had acquired him as a puppy to be an assistance dog for their children with autism... they decided that they "didn't want to shell out one more dollar for Casey". Casey ruptured his cruciate when he was "frantically running" to find his way home after being abandoned in a church yard far from home.
Ellie was three months old when she was thrown from a moving truck.
Annabella was shot in the head and is permanently blind in one eye.


Saving Lives, One Lab at a Time