Pecos' story is not a pretty one, the pictures are very graphic and disturbing, but we should not forget the Pecos' of this world for if we forget, we will allow the tragedy to repeat itself to the detriment of society. Because we at Labrador Life Line feel that Pecos' death should not be in vain, certain recipients of funding from LLL will be designated Pecos' Pals . Thank you to those who donated to Pecos in the hopes that he could be saved.... while he is gone, his legacy will live on in the lives of those helped in his name.

and now his story:

Pecos was set on fire in Lagrange, Ga. While his family was on vacation and neighbors were watching their dogs - the dogs escaped from under the fence. When the family returned the dogs were gone. Five days later they found Pecos crawling his way up their front yard.... they did not even recognize him in the beginning. His ears were melted and whiskers gone - 90% of his body was badly burned. They rushed him to their vet's office where he was kept until he could be transferred to Auburn University.

Upon his transfer to Auburn and the surgeon's examination of Pecos, it was determined that nothing more that could be done for this poor soul. It is one of the worst cases of abuse they have seen at the Vet School University. When Pecos was unwrapped, his skin came completely off. The burns were so deep that even grafting on to muscle and/or tissue was not a viable option. Pecos was euthanized shortly thereafter. This yellow lab showed courage and strength through this entire trauma, he was even trying to give his paw for family and friends that came to visit him while at the vet's office.

He was one special boy!

A $5000 reward has been posted with Georgia CRIMESTOPPERS for the capture of this person.

To see Pecos injuries, please click on the paws below.... (warning graphic images)



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