Ways You Can Help Labs By Supporting Labrador Life Line

Labrador Life Line is a 501 (c) (3) Not For Profit Organization funded completely by donations and fund-raising events.
The Board of Directors is composed of volunteers, and no salaries are paid.
All money brought in goes to assist Labrador Retrievers in need, and our annual financial reports are available. 
You can help us in this venture by supporting Labrador Life Line! How? Take a look at the following ideas:


  • Shop and surf at over 730 brand name stores who donate a portion of each purchase to Labrador Life Line! Shopping through iGive is free, and will often save you money through exclusive coupon codes and deals offered exclusively to its members.
  • Become a Labrador Life Saver - check out our newest fund raiser!
  • Subscribe to our LLL Supporters E-mail list! You'll receive updates about upcoming fundraisers and LLL news


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  • Support a great Web-based company! LLL participates in a large number of Web-based affiliate programs - from Amazon.Com to Sears.com....
  • Make a Monetary Donation, or Donate an Item for our annual auctions.
  • Become a Labrador Life Line Volunteer / Board Member ... Visit our Intern information page

Spread the word! Let people know that a Labrador assistance organization has been formed, and is actively assisting Labs in need.

A Special "Thank You!"

Labrador Life Line thanks all people and businesses who cared enough to donate items for our auction. Without them, there would be no auction, and LLL would be unable to help Labradors in need.

Thank you!

Saving Lives, One Lab at a Time