What Your Support Accomplished...Personal Stories of Thanks

June 2013
I don't know how many people send updates but I thought I would do one now. I got my Oliver (2000 beneficiary) through Peppertree Rescue and I am still volunteering with them to this day. We just took in 10 purebred labs from a breeder/hoarder situation and it made me think of your organization and what you do to help so many wonderful dogs. So, as a trip down memory lane, I googled you website and sure enough, under success stores for 2000 is my "little brown guy" as I call him.

He will be 13 this summer and hasn't really shown any signs of slowing down. He is now the senior member in my pack and is still the welcoming committee for all of my fosters.

I'll never be able to thank you enough for helping him. He is truly my heart dog and I'm going to be lost without him. I have to keep reminding myself of that when I'm trying to get more than 4 square inches of blanket at night. But every night, he's on one side of the bed...well, OK, middle of the bed..and I'm right next to him.

Thank you.


October 2012
Marley turned 11 today, thanks to you. We thought we would send you a couple of photos. He is doing incredibly well and we are thankful for your help every single day!
Love, Marley & Marley's mom.

October 2012
Just wanted to update you and say that Shadow had her stitches removed and is now stitches and cone free! :) she's back to her happy and excited self! Her little stub wags away! Haha I tried to get a picture but it moves too quick! Thank you again for everything!!! I can't tell you how happy I am to see my Shadow truly happy and pain-free again!


June 2012
Hi Nina,
We are pretty sure Wrigley is 100% back to new! He is doing great, he is swimming and playing with other dogs now. Funny thing is, he was terrified of the pool before his surgery and all of a sudden he decided he loves swimming. Possibly it was his surgery that changed his mind, we love it! His recovery was long but he did well. Here are some pictures of him post surgery. He is happy and loving life! Thank you so much for the grant!


June 2012
Hi Cindy,
Dennis and i wanted to give you an update on Bailee. She is healing very very well. She has a few more weeks with her leg wrapped then physical therapy will begin. We can not thank you enough for helping Bailee. When Bailee was first injured we had a vet tell us the cost would be over $9,000 including follow up visits. But, if we didn't have the money he would just amputate her leg, we were horrified. As we left that Vets office in tears the office manager whispered to us that maybe we could find an organization that would help us. She told us this as though it was a hopeless idea. It was certainly not something she believed in as she mentioned it in a whisper as we were walking out the door as an after thought. Thank God we found a Vet who truly cares and thank God we found you. We want everyone to know that there are organizations such as yours who are there to help. Hopefully getting your information out will encourage people to donate to LLL. We will continue to give you updates on Bailee's progress. God Bless you and LLL. Thank you


May 2012
Hi Nina,
I can't begin to express my appreciation for your help. If I am ever in a position financially, to help a fellow pet lover, I will do so. I will gladly "play it forward". :)
Casey, is at Dr Lendard's as we speak. I have my fingers crossed that everything will go well today. Without "Labrador Life Line's" help I would not have been able to afford this surgery for Casey. It is my fervent hope that she will have many pain free years ahead of her.
Thank you again for your personal help and attention and also for your wonderful organization. What a fantastic endeavor to be associated with.


July 2011
Dear Labrador Lifeline Members,
I want to extend my gratitude for helping Colton. I am very humbled and forever grateful. With your help, Colton was able to start treatment this week. We would not have been able to start treatment without you. I admire each and every one of you for being a part of such a wonderful organization. It is my promise to you that I will show support and promote your organization any way that I can. I will do so and I will advise others to shop through your affiliates. I will update you on Colton's treatment from time to time. Each and every one of you are forever in my heart. Once again, thank you so much for helping my baby. Please take a moment and read the attachment-this is a letter I sent to my friends/family that I wanted to share with you.

April 2011
I just wanted to send a last update on Pitch. His last vet visit was perfect. He walks, runs, plays, climbs steps, all the things that a dog his age should do. He has no limp. I'd say the surgery was a huge success. Thank you and Lab Lifeline for your help!


February 2009
I wanted to send you some updated photos (of Sadie) so you could see her progress. My husband and I are absolutely thrilled with how well she is doing. We are able to walk her 1/2 mile each day, without it bothering her. Our vet said she should be completely recovered by the beginning of summer. We're looking forward to taking her to the beach again.
Again we want to thank Labrador Life Line for offering monetary assistance for her surgery.


December 2008
I wanted to send an updated picture of our dog Kermit. We received help in October to have his leg amputated due to cancer. As you can see he is doing very well a little over 2 months post transplant. We can't thank you enough and as soon as our finances allow us, we will be donating so you can help others. Thank you again.


December 2008
Aspen would like to say thanks for your assistance in her laxating petalla operation. Your help is greatly appreciated. My fiance and I will try to donate back all of your assistance over the next few years. We just donated $50 and we plan to donate more. Your program is very beneficial to people like us. Aspen would be in severe pain without your assistance. Thank you so much Larador Life Line. We are indebted to your help and we will assist in any way we can.


October 2008
I am happy to report that Walker had his heartowrm treatment and I picked him up on October 8-he is doing exceptionally well! He is eating great, wanting to play (however he has about 3 more weeks before he can get going again), and loving life! I can tell a HUGE difference in his energy level already and am so thankful for your help in having him treated! THANK YOU! I apologize for not having pictures to forward at this time, but we will work on that this weekend!
Lindsey G


May 2008
Hello, you helped me with some financial assistance last year when our chocolate lab Ginger had been ran over by a car and i just wanted to thank all of you for helping us save our family pet, we appreciate it so much and wanted to keep you updated on how she is doing, she is all healed up and trying to chase cars again..lol...but we keep that from happening..lol...your organization is wonderful!!!!! god bless all of you...amber grogan...p.s we added a male chocolate lab to the family as well!


I am writing with a heart of gratitude for helping to save my chocolate lab girl Maggie (full name Sugar Magnolia!). Maggie had LP (Laryngeal Paralysis) and was suffocating the morning of March 30, 2008 when I brought her to the ER vet. I cannot thank you all enough for agreeing to help Maggie and making it happen so fast.
I apologize for just now writing this to you all…it’s been a little crazy and hectic needless to say. But, you are on my mind every day when I look at Maggie and she is happily smiling at me and wagging that crazy tail of hers. I know that she is in her elderly years and I will not have her forever (JUST NOT FAIR!!!) but for the remainder of her days…she will be able to breathe thanks to your kindness. I haven’t had a chance but in the very near future you will be able to count me as a financial supporter as well. You all live in different areas of the country and I cannot tell you how this experience has really been “the kindness of strangers” story. Thank you to LLL for all that you do and all you will continue to do for Labs.

November 2007
I am eternally grateful for your help with Molly's surgery costs. I cannot begin to thank you enough. I wish you could meet her then you could understand how much your help ha meant. She is the most courteous, loyal specimen of a companion you could meet. Because of your help I can be graced with her presence a little longer and if Molly could write she would say the same thing.


November 2007
Labrador Life Line family, Thank you for all of the support you provided for our lab Percy. He is healing wonderfully, and will be back to his old self in no time. We couldn't have made it to this point with out you.



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