When Do Labrador Puppies Calm Down?

Pet owners love adopting a Labrador retriever because of their amazing and lovable personalities, companionship, and high trainability. However, you must remember that they will have so much energy, enthusiasm, and excitement in their first year of life. 

This is unlikely to end until they reach one year old. Don’t worry though because your puppy will eventually calm down. Like other breeds, they will.

When Do Labrador Puppies Calm Down?

Labs are working dogs, so they’re filled with energy and constantly high strung particularly in their first year of life. Be patient with them.

But to answer the question, when do Labrador puppies calm down, the short answer is between two and four years of age. Not all puppies are the same, though. Some labs are quiet from early puppyhood, but not all.

When do Labrador retrievers “settle down?”

Labs were initially bred to help their owners with fishing, pulling heavy nets and retrieving fish that escaped the net. They did this all day in icy, cold water off the coast of Newfoundland.

Labrador retrievers also used to assist their owners in water fowling for their ability to work long hours in the cold and to retrieve small game.

So without even saying, Labrador retrievers are hard working, smart, companionable, and active dogs.

They’re excellent family dogs who are energetic, clever, and active and are highly trainable. That’s why they can also become super bored when they’re not trained and given enough physical activity.

Otherwise, they’ll find some stuff to do in and around your home, like reupholstering your couch and moving your living room carpet to the kitchen.  They’d find more projects in order to keep them busy and escape the boredom!

Generally, Labrador retrievers are known for having a delayed and long puppyhood and adolescence. Perhaps, you’ll notice that your two-year old Lab would still act like a puppy with overflowing energy and enthusiasm.

Many of them will calm down between 2-4 years old. This is the period when you’ll notice mental maturation in them.

How to Manage a High-Energy Labrador Retriever Pup

Check out the following for easy and simple tips on how to train your Lab pup to be calm and well-behaved.

Don’t over excite your puppy            

Stop what you’re doing if you notice they are getting very excited before your pup gets overly excited.  In short, remove the trigger for their excitement, whether this means putting a toy that they’re playing with away.

Sometimes, they can be very excited and hyper because they’re socializing and interacting with you. Change your playing habits and find new ways to play with your puppy to prevent them from getting out of control.

So if you notice that they’re getting super hyper because of the games you’re playing with them, stop to regain your pet’s control.

Take your pup to a quiet environment

If their excitement doesn’t settle down by stopping what you’re doing, you can also take them to a calm and quiet place where they can calm down and relax. It can be in your backyard or a dimly lit room. The point here is to allow them to compose themselves to avoid their behavior from going out of control.

Remain calm

As you’re walking them up and down the road, don’t get angry or yell at them as they’re trying to get their energy out. Don’t talk to your dog and just keep walking until they become calm walking beside you.

Move to another area and keep walking together if you notice that they become super hyper again as they notice other pets and people walking by. Just keep walking quietly in another place until they calm down.

It will help if you’re walking quietly and quickly, teaching them that you’re in control and that they need to calm down.

Once you get home and they become hyper again, put them in a crate to help them calm down. This will also teach them that they should control their behavior. Once they calm down, bring them back to where you are.

Take control of the situation

Be in control of your Labrador retriever to make them know who the real master of the house is. You don’t want them to be nipping at your clothing, furniture, and stuff in and around your home, and you want to ensure that they’re going to be safe around other people, including around your children, too.  

If you’re taking them out for a walk, ensure using a leash on them and don’t take it off until you both are home, helping them learn that you’re in full control of them. 

Avoid using anything that might harm or hurt them, like a too tight or heavy chain.

Give them praise for good behavior

Labrador retrievers love to please their owners and make them happy. Show them adoration and give them praises when they calm down, giving them the stimulation to repeat the good behavior.

Give them treats from time to time when they’re calm, especially when around guests. Rewarding is one of the proven methods on how to develop a calm Labrador.

Change the bad habits

Not all dogs are the same, but most of them may show unwanted behavior as puppies, especially for high energy Labrador retrievers who are known for their hyperactive behavior, like jumping, running, barking, and chewing.

Get a handle of the bad behavior, or it could be hard to reverse when your pup reaches adolescence, carrying it until their adulthood.

Invest in chew safe toys or bones if you see your lab puppy chewing on your stuff, like shoes, furniture, and whatnot.

This breed is receptive to positive reinforcement. Don’t forget to reward them when they display good behaviors; this will help develop their brain and ingrain good habits in them.

Increase their physical activities

Give your Labrador Retriever a lot of opportunities to exercise and play, or you will not be able to control them nor help them collect themselves.

A full-grown Lab needs at least one hour and a half of physical activities.

Allowing your pet to exercise will help them calm down and avoid being super hyper.

But when you’re playing with them, remain calm and don’t be aggressive. 

Or else, they will feel that aggression is a good behavior because they receive that energy from you.

Training games and other activities challenge your Labrador puppy and help develop their skills and brain. Use toys, like Frisbees, and indoor fun games that keep them engaged but calm, like a fetch game, which are a good idea especially when you’re outside.

When outdoors, level up the activities and keep them stimulated with different exercises for focus and training. 

Developing their focus can keep them calm and make them attentive. Doing this, you will help improve their indoor behavior and teach them ways on how to be calm as well when indoors.

Teach them to relax

One of the best ways to do this is to give them a treat when they’re being peaceful and quiet. Tell them that they’re calm and it’s good even when they’re not doing anything. This is still a proper behavior that must be rewarded.

Place the bag of treats in front of them or beside their face when they’re laying down and tell them that they’re “doing a great job.” But if you notice they become hyper, take the treat back and give it another time until they’re calm. This will teach them that calm behavior will be rewarded.

Final Thoughts

Labrador retrievers are sociable, smart, and companionable and are always filled with energy. They’re bred as working dogs, so it’s a given that they’re also very active.

Your Labrador retriever can be hard to control and sometimes can cause frustration for their hyperactivity. Patience is the key. Remember that your pet will eventually learn how to calm or settle down with training and application of the tips shared above.

Follow these tips to teach your Labrador to be calm, while also developing their brain and teaching them how to control their behavior. Treat them with kindness and reward them for positive behavior to help them learn to obey and trust you.

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