Some fun did you know holiday related dog bites. winnie

Think you’re the only one who buys your furry friend Christmas presents? Think again. Did you knowAmericans spend about $5 billion on holiday presents for their furry friends?

63% of dog owners said they give their pets presents.
40% of dog owners hang Christmas stockings for their pets.

Have you sent out your Christmas cards yet? If so, did you remember FidoDid you know…27% of dog owners sign their pet’s name on greeting cards or letters?
64% include news about their pet.
36% include a photograph in their holiday cards.

Like to sing Christmas carols while deckin’ the halls? Did you know…56% of dog owners sing to their pets?

In need of a holiday stress reliever?

Check out this video of a bunch dogs “rockin’ around the Christmas tree” and decorating it too!!

Until next time…Happy Holidays!

Wendy and Ginger

llllogoxsmIf you could do just one simple thing to help purebred Labrador Retrievers in distress, you would, wouldn’t you?

The truth is, you can.

All you have to is visit our web site

Then shop…till your fingers drop!

With Cyber Monday (the biggest on-line shopping day of the year) just around the corner (December 2nd), visit our Affiliate Page first. From to US Bonesour affiliates offer gifts for your Labbie and everyone else on your holiday shopping list. The best part is this–you’ll also be helping future Labs. 

By shopping through the links on our web site to any of our affiliates, you’ll be helping Labs and Labrador Life Lineand it won’t cost you anything extra! The various companies on our list have all agreed to give Labrador Life Line with a percentage of the sales generated via our links.

Please note: in order for Labrador Life Line to get its commission, YOU MUST access the stores from the links set up on our Affiliate Page. 

You can also shop at our online store at Cafe PressOur 2014 calendars recently arrived and make a perfect gift to note all the LLL’s 2014 fundraisers and events. LLL Calendar

Also, through our web site, you can sign-up and purchase through iGive. is an “online shopping mall where a portion of each purchase is donated to your favorite cause.

LLL Life SaversYou can also make a direct donation to Labrador Life Line. Check out our Life Savers Program where your monthly gift truly is the gift that keeps on giving. 

Whether you make a direct donation (in any amount) or go shopping, you will be helping the Labs we have yet to meet, with their medical care and treatment. 

Or more simply…you’ll be providing them with a second chance or the gift of life. 

Could there be any better gift?

Thank you for your support.


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                    Thanks to Labrador Life Line supporter Renee Ayers and Simple Indulgence, a portion of every purchase you make between November 11-17 goes to Labrador Life Line.

Renee’s Mission:

To help the canine rescue community and all of those who have dedicated themselves to the health and welfare of our canine world. A portion of each purchase will be donated to a designated rescue or shelter on a weekly basis.


Renee’s bracelets are made of natural stones – amethyst, jade, coral, jasper, and black onyx, and are on stretch cord for ‘easy on/easy off’! And made-to-order hand-painted wine glasses are available too. They are top rack dishwasher safe and make great holiday or hostess gifts.

For the Labrador Life Line party, go to her Facebook page:!/pages/Simple-Indulgence/569117143138531

Our goodies are in the LLL album. Comment below the item you want and include your wrist size. Renee will message you to complete your purchase.

Thank you for your continued support of Labrador Life Line!

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Hi, my name is Flats, and I came from the home of a hoarder. This is my story.

Some good folks rescued my eleven siblings and me from a hoarding situation.  securedownload

Though they mean their pets no harm, with so many of us (dogs, cats, whatever), it often leads to our neglect. This neglect often results in starvation, illness, and sometimes, sadly, our death. Sometimes a concerned neighbor or family member brings our dire situation of many to light when they call the authorities who take us to a rescue or shelter. The rescue/shelter workers, who are well meaning and caring, are then left to care for, and treat us. Like me, many dogs removed from hoarding homes are sick and need medical care. Sometimes it is expensive medical care. I was no different.

All twelve of us were in need of medical treatment and care. I do not know what my siblings needed, but I needed dental extractions and I had a benign mass that required removal.

Whenever a rescue takes in dogs from a hoarding situation, the task can be daunting and overwhelming, but these rescues do it for one reason . . . love. Always up to the challenge, these lifesaving rescues help many Labs (like me and my siblings) get the second chance we deserve. Additionally, they give us an opportunity– to find a life free of abuse and one filled with love.

Like Labrador Life Line.

Labrador Life Line is there too. Ready to help these rescues in helping Labs like me, get well again. So that once we are all better, we can look forward to new forever homes.

PS Nearly 250,000 animals are the victims of animal hoarding each year. Though considered a form of animal abuse, animal hoarding is different from other types of cruelty in that the abusers do not usually recognize the abuse they are inflicting on their pets. Unfortunately, hoarders believe what they are doing is out of love for their pets. In actuality, they are imprisoning the animals they think they are “saving” or “rescuing.


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imagesAlways want to know what is happening or the latest news on Labrador Life Line?

From updates on the Labs we’ve treated, to the latest Labrador Life Line fundraiser, our Facebook page is updated

frequently so you won’t miss anything!

Check us out and I think you might just “like” us! (-:

Until next time…


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Mark all your not-to-forget dates for the upcoming year on Labrador Life Line’s 2014 calendar!
Selected from this year’s LLL’s Cyber Dog Show entries, the calendar shows off man’s best friend LLL Calendar
at their best, worst, and goofiest!

The Cyber Show Dog Show is held every spring/summer and is one of Labrador Life Line’s more popular fundraisers! Keep checking back here to see when next year’s Cyber Dog Show is and maybe next year at this time, your best friend will have his/her day in our 2015 calendar!

Like always, all proceeds from the calendar or any of the items on our Cafe Press site go directly to help purebred Labs in need of medical care and/or emergency treatment.

When purchasing the calendar make sure to set the start month to January 2014 if you want a full one year 2014 calendar and to be sure the seasonal pictures end up on the proper months.

Thank you for your continued support!






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Hi folks! My name is Cyrus and this is my story.

At seven years of age, my life has not been very easy.

One day, a farmer found me while plowing his fields. When he found me, I was tied to a fence and left for dead. I also weighed only 34 pounds. The local rescue picked me up and took me to see the vet. An examination of my body found more than 30 pieces of buckshot embedded in it. The vet also tested me for heartworm, which I tested positive. Additionally, I was suffering from both right and left rear limb atrophy. Yet, more testing . . . radiographs showed that I had bilateral hip dysplasia with degenerative joint disease, or osteoarthritis.

My treatment was costly, especially for the denervation procedure. The procedure, according to the vet, would denervate the joint capsule with the goal that my pain would diminish. Despite its cost, the rescue and vet felt this procedure would cause me fewer complications than the femoral head and neck excision. I trusted them. I knew they had my best interests at heart. They were just trying to improve my quality of life. They also knew how tough my life had been for me so far.

However, the rescue could not afford the procedure. Lucky for them (and me too) they found this great group called Labrador Life Line online. The group helps not only owners of purebred Labs, but rescues too, in the costs of our care and treatment. The rescue applied and the board approved my case for funding, which means they are going to help me get better again!

Despite everything I have gone through, the rescue praises me for my great temperament and my love for everyone. I have my paws crossed in hopes that very soon I will find my forever home.

Thank you to everyone who has tried to improve my life . . . I could not have done it without any of you.


                                                              images                                                                     CYRUS

Well, another Labrador Life Line auction has come to a close this weekend. While the final amount raised is not known (though it wouldn’t mean very much to me, I’m not very good with numbers. I’m much better with letters.), I do know this. However much we raised will go to save the lives of many purebred Labs. Labs that otherwise would not have had a chance. To that end, I just want to say THANK YOU from me and all the Labs you will help with funds raised through this auction.IMG_0527

THANK YOU…to all my readers who participated in the auction. 

If you donated items for the Labour of Love auction...THANK YOU!

If you are a repeat donor…THANK YOU for your continued participation and support.

If you bid on some items (hopefully you won what you wanted)…THANK YOU!

THANK YOU to the board members of Labrador Life Line who looked for, and contacted, donors for donations. A special call-out THANK YOU to board members Cindy and Stephanie H. Cindy loads all the auction items onto the website. Steph is the warehouse person (which means she stores, then ships, all the winning items to their new homes.) Without the tireless and often thankless job they do, there would be no auctions. No funds raised for future Labs in need.

Whether it  is a life or death emergency or just to make us better againLabrador Life Line is here to help and to give all purebred Labs a much deserved second chance. After all, why should cats be the only ones entitled to nine lives??

Until next time….


PS Looking for something more to read before next week’s LaBlog comes out? Why not read some really inspiring success stories on our website. Some will make you smile, some will make you cry, but all will inspire you. 

IMG_0527With the Labrador Life Line Labour of Love auction beginning Friday and with Labor Day next weekend, I got to thinking.

For most of us, Labor Day is a “bonus day,” as I like to call them. These are days when most of us (present company excluded) get to spend the whole day with our moms and/or dads when normally we wouldn’t be able to because they have to work.

This got me thinking about the love we share with our working moms and dads and the love they have for us. Even though working moms and dads might not have as much time to spend with us, their love is no less than those who don’t work.

Love (so I have heard) is a two-way street.

Some of us fellow dogs and Labs, like our moms and dads, also work.

Many of us work as Guide, Hearing, Service, and Therapy Dogs. Our “work” is to be dedicated and loyal and to help those who are sick, lonely, and helpless. Our job goes far beyond helping and making their lives easier, for we also provide them our friendship and unconditional love.

There are some of us who work (and whose work is often forgotten) on farms as herding dogs or as livestock guardians.

Lest we forget to mention our fellow dogs who would lay down their lives for us and our Moms and Dads. Dogs who do anything and everything asked of them and never waver. Those who guard and protect–search and rescue dogs, detection and police dogs , fire station dogs, and the military dogs of our Armed Forces.

The love working dogs share with their human companions, co-workers, fellow servicemen, and all the rest, and vice-versa, truly is a Labor of Love. See, I told you love is a two-way street. That said, what better way to give back to your loving human, or, if you are a human reading this, then to give back to your loving dog, then to participate in Labrador Life Line’s annual fundraiser the Labour of Love Auction (quite fitting, don’t you think?)

Like I said previously, the auction starts this coming Friday August 30th and runs through Saturday September 14th.

I’d like to conclude my blog with the following. The author is not known (I’d like to think it may have been a Lab, or if not a Lab, a fellow dog writer.)

Until the next time…

Love, Ginger

A Working Dog’s Oath
I will lay down my life for you
and expect nothing but love in return.
I protect my officer with my life,
and would gladly take a bullet in his place.
I am sent in to find lost children
and fugitives on the run.
I find drugs and weapons and even bombs.
I am the first sent in
and sometimes the last to leave.
I am the nose and ears of my officer.
I will protect and serve him.
I would die for him and for you.
I only ask for compassion and a kind word.

llllogoxsmIn last week’s blog,  I gave a “sneak peek” at the Labrador Life Line application process. This week’s blog finishes the process.
 6. At this point in the application process, the case worker can turn down the case if our rules aren’t met. If all the requirements are met, the case worker puts the case together and presents it to the Triage committee for a question and answer round. 
7. Next the case is presented to the rest of the Labrador Life Line board members. Again, the case is reviewed and goes through one more round of questioning/answering. Afterwards, the case is put to a vote.
8. If approved, the applicant gets an approval email and vet gets letter of guarantee.
9. Lab gets treatment.
10. Vet submits invoice showing all payments and if everything checks out, payment is submitted to our treasurer who pays clinic.
11. Lab gets better….hopefully :)
That’s it!
While it may seem easy, triage committee members devote many hours making sure every “t” is crossed and that every “i” is dotted.
Labrador Life Line’s triage committee board members truly are the heart and soul of our organization.
Until next time….