It’s been two years already.Ginger

On February 22, 2012, I had to make the most heart-wrenching decision a pet-owner has to make.

I had to put down my beloved yellow Lab, and best friend Ginger.

Unlike her older “sister” Shadow who came before her,  and sadly passed on before they could ever meet, Ginger was the Lab I could mold into the Lab I wanted her to be.

Quick note: I adopted Shadow (a black Lab) a year into her life and already well set in her Lab-ward ways. By contrast, I adopted Ginger has a puppy.

Regular readers have already read the story of how I came up with Shadow’s name, Ginger’s name in comparison came to me much easier, or in a “snap.”
Unlike Shadow who was fiercely loyal and independent to the very end, Ginger was very eager to please and very affectionate, to the point of clingy. She was, unlike Shadow, a true Velcro Lab.

Right down to the very end, and the longest (but not long enough) walk of our lives…from the parking lot to the vet’s office for the final time, she fittingly, but not surprisingly, clung to my side every step of the way. Oddly enough though, this time, our last time, she never pulled ahead, like she always did on our walks, eager to “get there first.” She took time to savor our walk, being by my side. It was like she knew this was our last time.

Afterwards, on the long walk back to the car, and for some time after, I felt guilty for what I did.

I am sure everyone has read stories of people finding “signs” left from those loved ones that have departed. I believe that our pets can leave us signs too.

My first few nights at work after losing her, I arrived early (since I couldn’t sleep without my sleeping buddy) and would pick up a snack for lunch later that night. For a solid week, I heard someone ask the sales clerk if the store sold, “Ginger Snap” cookies. Not chocolate chip, sugar, or Oreos, but Ginger Snaps.

I believe this was her way of saying “I’m okay” and she was at peace at what I did.

I am firm believer that we don’t choose our furry-four-legged best friends, but they choose us.

Oddly enough, this weekend, when I went to buy a snack for lunch, I heard someone ask for “Ginger Snaps.”

Instead of the tears that came two years before when I heard that, I instead smiled and looked up and whispered,

“Got milk?”








This may be a little late, but does a boy and a dog story ever grow old?

Like most shows during the last week of the year, The Today Show reported on the thirteen stories that moved its viewers the most.

From acts of kindness to triumphs of love, each of the stories gave their viewers plenty to smile about and give them hope that the world may not be so bad after all.

Coming in at number 9 on the list was the touching story of Himalaya.

Himalaya is the Lab that wouldn’t say no.

In a heartfelt and touching 4-minute YouTube video, the yellow Lab is seen coming over to a three-year-old boy with Down Syndrome. After several nudges by the persistent Lab to get the boy to hug him, the boy gives into her advances.

Are you smiling yet?

Until the next time…




llllogoxsmOn behalf of the board of Labrador Life Line, I would like to thank everyone (from donors to bidders) who participated in our annual Heart Dog Auction. Proceeds from every item go directly to help purebred Labrador Retrievers in need of medical care or emergency treatment. Last year your support helped us assist 67 Labs!! Since our inception in 1999, Labrador Life Line has assisted hundreds of Labs. If given the opportunity, I know that they would thank you for your support of LLL, and for giving them a second chance. 

And so do we.

Thank you for ensuring that the beat will go on. 
Wendy J Sotos
Board Member
Labrador Life Line 

HD097 - Copy


It’s never too early to think summer vacation.

A few years back, Labrador Life Line helped a black Labrador Retriever named Jack. Jack’s parents applied for financial assistance with Labrador Life Line when he had unexpected medical expenses. Like most parents who come to LLL for help, treatment costs were much more than they could and they needed help to pay for his treatment.

Fast forward to present day.

Jack’s parents sent us this update: “Several years ago we used your services and our dog, Jack, is going strong at almost 11 years old.”

But that was not all.

They also wanted to “Paw It Forward.” 

Currently up for bid in Labrador Life Line’s Heart Dog Auction is a full week vacation stay at their White Iron Beach Resort in Ely Minnesota for a family or group of 4 in one of
their beautiful resort cabins.

Please note: Reservations can be used from May 9th to June 27th or August 9th to October 15th ONLY. And of course, they are PET FRIENDLY, so your pets are always welcome at White Iron Beach Resort!

Don’t forget in order to bid you have to first register (if you haven’t already) for the auction. But don’t wait too long, the auction ends on February 15th. 

Thanks for your support.


HD 14 Flyer


Some fun did you know holiday related dog bites. winnie

Think you’re the only one who buys your furry friend Christmas presents? Think again. Did you knowAmericans spend about $5 billion on holiday presents for their furry friends?

63% of dog owners said they give their pets presents.
40% of dog owners hang Christmas stockings for their pets.

Have you sent out your Christmas cards yet? If so, did you remember FidoDid you know…27% of dog owners sign their pet’s name on greeting cards or letters?
64% include news about their pet.
36% include a photograph in their holiday cards.

Like to sing Christmas carols while deckin’ the halls? Did you know…56% of dog owners sing to their pets?

In need of a holiday stress reliever?

Check out this video of a bunch dogs “rockin’ around the Christmas tree” and decorating it too!!

Until next time…Happy Holidays!

Wendy and Ginger

llllogoxsmIf you could do just one simple thing to help purebred Labrador Retrievers in distress, you would, wouldn’t you?

The truth is, you can.

All you have to is visit our web site

Then shop…till your fingers drop!

With Cyber Monday (the biggest on-line shopping day of the year) just around the corner (December 2nd), visit our Affiliate Page first. From to US Bonesour affiliates offer gifts for your Labbie and everyone else on your holiday shopping list. The best part is this–you’ll also be helping future Labs. 

By shopping through the links on our web site to any of our affiliates, you’ll be helping Labs and Labrador Life Lineand it won’t cost you anything extra! The various companies on our list have all agreed to give Labrador Life Line with a percentage of the sales generated via our links.

Please note: in order for Labrador Life Line to get its commission, YOU MUST access the stores from the links set up on our Affiliate Page. 

You can also shop at our online store at Cafe PressOur 2014 calendars recently arrived and make a perfect gift to note all the LLL’s 2014 fundraisers and events. LLL Calendar

Also, through our web site, you can sign-up and purchase through iGive. is an “online shopping mall where a portion of each purchase is donated to your favorite cause.

LLL Life SaversYou can also make a direct donation to Labrador Life Line. Check out our Life Savers Program where your monthly gift truly is the gift that keeps on giving. 

Whether you make a direct donation (in any amount) or go shopping, you will be helping the Labs we have yet to meet, with their medical care and treatment. 

Or more simply…you’ll be providing them with a second chance or the gift of life. 

Could there be any better gift?

Thank you for your support.


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                    Thanks to Labrador Life Line supporter Renee Ayers and Simple Indulgence, a portion of every purchase you make between November 11-17 goes to Labrador Life Line.

Renee’s Mission:

To help the canine rescue community and all of those who have dedicated themselves to the health and welfare of our canine world. A portion of each purchase will be donated to a designated rescue or shelter on a weekly basis.


Renee’s bracelets are made of natural stones – amethyst, jade, coral, jasper, and black onyx, and are on stretch cord for ‘easy on/easy off’! And made-to-order hand-painted wine glasses are available too. They are top rack dishwasher safe and make great holiday or hostess gifts.

For the Labrador Life Line party, go to her Facebook page:!/pages/Simple-Indulgence/569117143138531

Our goodies are in the LLL album. Comment below the item you want and include your wrist size. Renee will message you to complete your purchase.

Thank you for your continued support of Labrador Life Line!

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Hi, my name is Flats, and I came from the home of a hoarder. This is my story.

Some good folks rescued my eleven siblings and me from a hoarding situation.  securedownload

Though they mean their pets no harm, with so many of us (dogs, cats, whatever), it often leads to our neglect. This neglect often results in starvation, illness, and sometimes, sadly, our death. Sometimes a concerned neighbor or family member brings our dire situation of many to light when they call the authorities who take us to a rescue or shelter. The rescue/shelter workers, who are well meaning and caring, are then left to care for, and treat us. Like me, many dogs removed from hoarding homes are sick and need medical care. Sometimes it is expensive medical care. I was no different.

All twelve of us were in need of medical treatment and care. I do not know what my siblings needed, but I needed dental extractions and I had a benign mass that required removal.

Whenever a rescue takes in dogs from a hoarding situation, the task can be daunting and overwhelming, but these rescues do it for one reason . . . love. Always up to the challenge, these lifesaving rescues help many Labs (like me and my siblings) get the second chance we deserve. Additionally, they give us an opportunity– to find a life free of abuse and one filled with love.

Like Labrador Life Line.

Labrador Life Line is there too. Ready to help these rescues in helping Labs like me, get well again. So that once we are all better, we can look forward to new forever homes.

PS Nearly 250,000 animals are the victims of animal hoarding each year. Though considered a form of animal abuse, animal hoarding is different from other types of cruelty in that the abusers do not usually recognize the abuse they are inflicting on their pets. Unfortunately, hoarders believe what they are doing is out of love for their pets. In actuality, they are imprisoning the animals they think they are “saving” or “rescuing.