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Did you know that some dogs LOVE watching television? So much, in fact, that DOGTV is about to enter your living room – if you have cable, that is.

Relaxing Dog

Does your dog need some relaxing scenery? Could he get it from TV?

The cable network, premiering nationwide soon (and currently available in San Diego), is supposed to be geared toward the dog that spends his day alone. You know; to keep your otherwise lonely puppy company while he sleeps on the couch for most of the afternoon. Or at its best, maybe it will keep him from chewing up your favorite couch (table, rug, favorite sweater – I’m sure you’ve seen these casualties before). Check out the whole concept here on Dogster.

But I’ve gotta ask, does your dog watch TV? I’ve had several dogs, of all different breeds in my lifetime, and only one has ever even given the television set a second glance. Rooster, our current poodle mix (who also, consequently, is fascinated by his own reflection in the mirror – is that another dog in there?), is glued to the set whenever another dog makes an appearance. He’ll bark, whine, beg – like this other canine is right in the room with us. Not to mention what happens when a squirrel makes an entrance. Would watching this sort of programming really settle him down while I’m out of the house? I’m not so sure. But if some televised “relaxation” shows could keep his attention while I used the terrifying and evil vacuum cleaner in the next room? Well, I’d sign up for that!

What do you think? Is your lab a wannabe couch potato? Or is he apt to be riled up by the mere sight of a TV-star animal? Would you subscribe to DogTV?

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Did you know… that a Lab could survive a tornado?

Greg Cook and his dog Coco, after a tornado destroyed his home in Alabama last week. (Photo courtesy AP Photo/The Decatur Daily, Gary Cosby Jr.)


After a tornado swept through Alabama last week Friday, Lab owner Greg Cook rushed home in hopes of saving his dog Coco (he’d been home alone… how scary!). What he found was a huge pile of debris where his house used to be, and amazingly… Coco was crawling out of a mangled window to greet him.

Alright, I know what you’re thinking – Labs are great, but surviving a natural disaster is certainly not a breed specific “attribute.” No, this story’s got a lot of luck behind it. But even I’ve gotta admit – this Lab really embodies that Labrador Retriever spirit I talk about so much – loyal, brave, courageous, and most importantly, loving. Seems like Coco’s exactly the kind of dog we like best here at LLL.

Check out the full scoop over at I Love Dogs and read about Coco, and also a Boxer named Storm (!) who’s also got a bit of that “Lab” spirit, if I do say so myself (I’m sure the Boxer loyalists out there won’t let me claim that… but I think most dogs share a bit of that loving Lab quality. Can we agree on that?).

Does your Lab have a death-defying story of survival? Has your dog beat the odds? Tell us your stories, we can’t wait to hear them!

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