Best Dog Nail Clippers for Labrador & Buying Guide 2023

Grooming your Labrador dog is essential for their health and wellness, and trimming your dog’s nails is a part of it. Well-trimmed nails aid in keeping their hygiene, too.

If you’re a new Labrador owner, using pet nail clippers properly with practice and patience, and trimming their nails regularly will keep your furry friend happy.

You have to get them familiar with the entire process of dog nail trimming using the best dog nail clippers for Labrador while they’re young so that they can be accustomed to it.

Long nails aren’t good for dogs. For its short-term effects, excessive length of their nails can cause pain when your Labrador walks because each of their toes would be twisted to one side or pressed up. It may also be a source of infection because they’ll get caught in dirty surfaces, like blankets.

Arthritis in the feet, on the other hand, is a long-term effect of such nails among Labs.  It can also lead to different joint issues over time. Overgrown nails can also make it hard for you to cut their nails short.

In this article, I’ll share with you important tips in choosing the right dog nail clippers, a few of the best products, and how to use them.

Types of Dog Nail Clippers

Obviously, your dog’s nails grow and you need to trim them down to avoid issues like joint problems and arthritis caused by overgrown nails as well as pain and discomfort of your furry friend when they’re walking or running. Here are the types of nail trimmers you need to know.

Guillotine Clippers

To trim your pet’s nails is a pet nail clipper called the guillotine clipper, which works with a guillotine like blade that is what you need to press down to cut off excess nail in the end of their claw and has a hole where you need to put the nail of your Labrador into.

This type of nail trimmer for dogs can be easier to use than most scissor types and is ideal for small to medium sized pups even for those that have brittle paw points.

Guillotine clippers can also be easier to control. Only you need to be really careful because a cut sometimes would result in a blunt edge in the nails of your pet.

This pet nail clipper can have a soft handle for ease of use and proper grip, though. Good ones will also have a nail guard in them. This feature is essential to stop your dog’s nail from sliding into the clipper too far and to prevent you from cutting it too short.

However, I recommend looking for a pet nail clipper that has strong reinforced blades for a precise cut and to avoid nail splinters even for brittle points in the dog’s paws.

For new pet owners, guillotine pet nail clippers can be challenging to use because it may be difficult to know if you’re cutting off too much nail – that can lead to an injury – in the case of those without a safety guard.

Scissors Clippers

As an overview, scissor type nail trimmers for dog nails are the most common of all the types of nail clippers for dogs because they’re quite simple to use.

Nail trimming with scissor style nail clippers, however, should be given enough practice because you need to use the force of your hand in order to cut through your dog’s nails.

I recommend using scissor style clippers for large dogs that have thick claws. On the other hand, this nail trimmer might not be suitable for puppies or smaller dogs with brittle nails that might splinter later with the larger cuts.

This nail trimmer should be easy to use to remove the excess nails, which can be uncomfortable.

But then, take note once more that you’ll need more practice to be familiar in using these nail trimmers especially if your lab moves a lot as you’re trimming their nails or when they’re too nervous.

Don’t worry, though, because there are small scissor trimmers for puppies and smaller breed dogs.

When looking for these dog nail clippers, I suggest finding those made with durable and sharp stainless steel blades so that it would be easier for you to make cuts without exerting a lot of hand force to trim their nails. To avoid losing grip on the best dog nail clippers, find scissor clippers that are designed with a non-slip handle.

Grinder Clippers

A dog nail grinder in a pet nail grinding kit is another option for nail trimming devices for small to large dogs.

A nail grinder is suitable for pets with thick nails since there are no sharp stainless steel blades in one and so it is deemed by many pet owners as a safer option.

There are no cuts needed since it lacks blades. Instead this trimmer for dogs with thicker nails generally has a small cylinder designed with sandpaper files.

However, nervous and anxious pets can take some time to get used to the operation of a nail grinder that creates much vibration.

For ease of use, pet parents who are using even the best dog nail grinders say that they take a lot of time to shorten the nails of their Labrador given that these dog nail trimmers lack the stainless steel blade.

Dog owners should hold the paw of their pet while the dog nail grinder files it down through its rotating cylinders.

But then, the best dog nail grinder is very safe to use since there is a lower chance that you’ll cause injury to your Labrador because it won’t cut too short in even the thickest nails. It is also a good option since it will grow with your Lab as they grow.

Take note that these dog nail trimmers are not the cheapest option of all. But then, it is the safest for most dogs.

But then, you need to look for a nail grinder that produces minimal vibration and noise especially if you have an anxious pet.

It is also important to look for one with an ergonomic handle for comfort and variable speed settings. This will allow you to select the speed intensity conveniently.

Considerations When Choosing Dog Nail Clippers for Labrador

Do you have an anxious or nervous dog? Or do you have one with tough nails? Do they have brittle paws? Definitely, you need to look into several factors when choosing a good nail clipper. This will help you have your dog’s nail trimmed safely and properly.  Here’s a start for you.

Size of the dog

Having the wrong size of a dog nail clipper can cause discomfort in your furry friend and worse result in injuries.

That’s why the right clipper size depending on the breed and size of your pet is important. This is to ensure that the dog clipper will be suitable for their size – small or large dog?

As you go about the selection process, read the product’s packaging or the specifications on the web page.

Typically, manufacturers add information on the suitability of dog nail clippers based on the size of a dog. Read this carefully and ensure that what you’re eyeing on is made for your dog’s breed and size.

You must also consider the breed of your pet because each one has different paw sizes. Larger breeds will have larger paws, so a larger cutting tool is needed.

Comfort level of the dog

Not all dogs will be calm and comfortable when their nails are being trimmed, so it is important to select the best nail clippers that have safety features, including a safety lock, a nail guard, and non-slip handles.

This is especially true in the case of nervous dogs. That’s why you need to check for those safety elements in the design of the nail cutter before buying one.

Safety features of the clipper

By being extra careful when trimming the nails of your pet, you will avoid accidentally cutting off their nails too much. Otherwise, they might suffer from an injury.

That’s why it’s also essential to choose the best nail clippers that have a safety guard to serve as a guide as to which point to stop so that you don’t cut too much.

But still, remember that this safety guard is only your guide, and it won’t be able to completely avoid overcutting their nails. Practice extreme care when trimming your dog’s nails.

You must also look for nail clippers that have a locking mechanism so that you can store the device safely.

Blade quality and sharpness

Most dog owners prefer nail trimmers with sharp blades because this can shorten the time they need to spend to get the trimming done.

It also helps them make precise cuts with one cut even on tough nails, and this can prevent snagging or splitting the nails. Dull blades can lead to leaving rough edges.

A sharp blade in a nail trimmer can also reduce the force you need to exert in cutting their nails, minimizing any risk of injury to yourself or your Labrador. I also suggest applying a final touch once done with the cutting by using a file.

Ease of use for the owner

A nail trim device for your Labrador must also be of the right style, which has to do with your comfort when using the trimmer. It should be comfortable for you to hold or grip while also being easy to use on your pet.

Again, it has to be of the right size of the clipper you’ll choose, whether a guillotine clipper, scissor style clipper, or grinder clipper. It should accommodate the breed and size of your dog.

Scissor types are literally like scissors, which can be easier to practice with and use for new pet parents and might be able to help you reduce chances of a nail injury because they allow cutting off smaller portions.

On the other hand, guillotine clippers work with blades pushed vertically when you squeeze the handle, but they can take time for you to become familiar with them.

Meanwhile, there are also electric grinders, which can take more time to complete the trimming, but they are excellent for giving a lovely finish. They can also be the safer option; however, cheaper and non professional nail grinders can be very loud and may not be ideal for large trimming needs.

Best Nail Clippers for Labradors

1. Epica Dog and Cat Nail Clipper (Small/Medium)

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Cutting dogs nails can be tricky and challenging especially if you don’t have the right tools and your first time trimming the nails of your furry pal. One of the best dog and cat nail clippers on the market that I can recommend to you is this Epica clipper.

The small nail clippers can help you cut the nails of your pet safely because it is designed with semi circular blades for precise cuts. It allows you to see what you’re cutting due to this semi circle design, which accommodates and allows their nails to rest on it.

You don’t need to exert much effort, but all you need is to squeeze it gently. Thanks to its sharp blades that don’t get dull even with frequent use.

The nail clipping session would be a whole lot easier and more comfortable for you and your dog.

It’s not only effective, but also easy to use for its secure, non-slip grip. This allows you to clip their nails with more confidence and safety. It has a rubber coating to ensure smooth operation.

This model is also available in two sizes to choose from, either small/medium or large. You can opt for the smaller cutter for a smaller breed under 60 lbs, or the larger clipper for dogs like Labrador retrievers or dogs over 60 lbs.

For added safety, this model has a locking mechanism or safety mode that you can activate when not in use by just squeezing the handle and sliding the lock.


  • Available in two sizes
  • Cuts precisely with minimal effort
  • Durable blades
  • Has a locking mechanism for safety
  • Comfortable to handle and use


  • Can be too thick for smaller dogs

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2. Boshel Dog Nail Clippers with quick sensor

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The dog nail trimmers are another quality option for cutting even the thickest nails. It helps dog owners cut cleanly each time because of its durable, thick, and sharp blades.

They are powerful enough to trim a cat or dog’s nails without a lot of pressure being applied on it.  Thus, I find it safe and easy to use.

The clipper for different large dog breeds has blades that can last for many years, too.

When cutting the nails in our dog’s paw, we should also find comfort in handling the nail trimmer.

This one has an excellent and simple design, having a nonslip and easy to grip handle that can stay in place. It can promote additional safety because it won’t make unnecessary movements while you’re cutting the nails of your Lab.

Adding to the safety of use of this trimmer, it’s designed with a safety stop that works like a quick sensor. It has a stop blade that lowers the risk of cutting off their nails too much, which could lead to injury and bleeding.

Every purchase of this product also comes with a nail file that you can use to file the sharp nails and achieve a more polished look after the entire nail trimming process. This nail file is on the clipper’s left handle.

Overall, this product is highly recommended even by vets and pet groomers for Labradors and medium/large breeds. You might want to check it out for your lab, too.


  • Quick sensor to avoid cutting the dog’s quick
  • Comes with a mini nail file
  • Recommended by professionals
  • Strong and sharp blades
  • Ergonomic handles


  • Not for small breeds

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3. Epica Professional Nail Clipper (Large)

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Knowing how much nail to cut as well as using the right trimming tool is important in making the overall process of dog nail trimming smooth and comfortable for both you and your pet.

This Epica professional nail clipper is packed with the essential features that you’ll need to ensure that the entire procedure will be smoother and easier.

This model is designed with semi circular blades so that you can easily see the nail you’re cutting and avoid any guesswork.

As the blades are also tough and sharp, you don’t have to exert too much force to clip their nails. This allows you to make precise cuts, which are also safer for both you and your pet.

Using a comfortable nail clipper is also important to ensure that you won’t have a hard time using it. This Epica clipper has rubber coated handles for a nonslip use experience. It also helps avoid accidental cutting.

This model is also in two sizes to choose from – one for dogs under 60 lbs and the other for many dogs over 60 lbs, like the Labrador.

For more safety, this is made with a locking mechanism that you can lock when it’s not in use and that can also keep kids safe.


  • Safety with locking mechanism
  • Precise sharp blades
  • Ergonomic design
  • Easy and comfortable to operate
  • Rubber coated handles


  • Not for small dogs because it can be a bit thick for them

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4. Gonicc Dog & Cat Pets Nail Clippers and Trimmers

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There are so many things to love about this Gonicc trimmer/clipper like its sharp blades, free nail file, and high quality construction. It’s a must-have clipper tool for every dog owner who wants a comfortable and safe trimmer.

For one, it has an ergonomic design for its non-slip handles that ensure no unnecessary movement in using the tool. I liked that it’s also lightweight and strong for more comfort and long lasting use.

The blades are sharp and precise, so pet owners don’t have to use a lot of force in every cut especially when used on dogs with black and thick nails.

The stainless blade also stays sharp for a long time. It also remains rust-free because it’s coated with oil to ensure its performance stays the same through the years.

It also has a lock protection to keep children safe, too. This additional feature of the nail trimmer makes it a more suitable option for pet owners that also have kids in the house.

This model also has a free nail file that you can use after clipping for a cleaner look and finish. It’s located in the handle strategically, so you can easily use it when needed.

This clipper also has a safety stop blade to avoid cutting their nails too short, ensuring you can prevent damaging their nails or even causing bleeding nails.

Overall, this product that is made of durable stainless steel and is designed with safety features deserves to be a part of this list for its quality and performance.


  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Safety stop blade to avoid accidents
  • Oil coated stainless steel for rust-free performance
  • Precise cutting results
  • Mini nail file included


  • Might not be the best for inner nails

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5. Coastal Pet Safari Professional Dog Nail Trimmer

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This Coastal Pet Safari dog nail clipper/trimmer is another great choice when looking for a safe and feature-rich nail trimming device. This one is made to promote both a safe and pleasant experience for both the dog owner and the pet.

One, it is made with tough blades to ensure that there will be precise cuts each time. It is unlike other blades that might require a few tries before you can achieve your desired cut. Thanks to the sharp two bladed cutters that are built with a tension spring. This can offer a long-lasting sharp edge.

I also liked the comfortable and ergonomic handles that can ensure easy control when trimming the nails of your beloved Labrador.

This product, which is one of the options for both professional and DIY groomers, also has a safety stop. It can minimize or reduce any risk of nail bleeding or injury because it can help you avoid cutting the dog’s quick where there are nerves and blood vessels.

Overall, the Safari dog nail trimmer is highly recommended for many dogs for its high performance and quality features like steel blades. It is also lightweight and comfortable to use even for beginners.


  • Ergonomic and comfortable design
  • Not hard to be familiar with
  • Durable blades
  • Used even by professional groomers
  • Designed with a safety stop to reduce risk of injury


  • Sharpness could be improved for cleaner cuts

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6. GoPets Pet Nail Clipper for Large Dogs and Cats

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The GoPets nail clipper is last but not the least for our best clippers for a Labrador. For one, it can promote safety.

I liked that this one is included with a sensor safety guard that works to reduce any risk of injury to your lab because it can help you avoid over cutting your dog’s nails.

In addition, it is made with easily lockable blades, which can ensure safe storage especially if you’re living with curious kids.

This model is also made using thick 3.5 millimeters blades, which work great particularly for small to medium dogs. The blades are also durable and offer long lasting sharpness, staying sharp over the years.

In addition, this one comes with a cool non-slip grip for smooth operation, while also promoting comfort to the owner. The ergonomically designed handles also offer better control for easier cutting.

This GoPets nail clipper is also suitable for large dogs like Labradors because it is made with a non-slip handle that holds the trimmers. It is comfortable and easy to grip, offering you an easier time to control its use while also making a clean cut.

I also noticed that this one comes with a nail file for cats and dogs nails, so it’ll be easier to smoothen out the sharp edges of their nails after the trimming session.

Overall, the GoPets clippers are feature packed and deserve your attention when picking a quality dog nail trimmer. They’re safe and easy to use and ensure precise cuts for a more effortless nail cutting task.


  • Comes with a nail file
  • Sharp and long lasting stainless steel blades
  • Designed with a safety guard
  • Easy control with the ergonomic design
  • Nonslip handle


  • Can be a bit thick for cats

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How to Use Dog Nail Clippers Safely on Labradors

See the following for important tips and tricks on how to use nail clippers on Labradors.

Preparing the dog and the tools

Dogs cannot cut their own nails, and they need us to help them with it. As we know, not all Labradors would feel pleasant with the experience of getting their nails done. That’s why it is important that we prepare them and be more patient with them.

Young puppies can take longer to get used to nail cutting. Keep your attitude positive and be gentle on them. Give treats and complements, too.

Most importantly, use only safe dog nail grinders and clippers. Prepare them by constantly touching and holding their paws from the first day they’re with you, so they won’t be anxious when you touch their feet.

Clipping technique

Every dog owner should know how to trim the nails of their dog because it must be done regularly. Otherwise, excessive in length nails can affect the overall life quality of your Labrador. It can cause massive pain and discomfort, too.

Prepare the nail trimming tool. Use the cutting, grinding, or clipping tool, like guillotine style clippers, you and your pet are most comfortable with.

Have a flashlight ready if your dog has dark dog’s nails, a styptic pencil/powder ready in case you cut too short, and a dog’s paw balsam.

Calm your dog before the trimming process when they’re nervous especially if using a grinding machine that produces a lot of vibration or noise.  Give them some biscuits or hug them until they feel comfortable.

See the blood supply area using a flashlight so that you can determine the proper cutting range and avoid accidentally clipping too much or cutting in the wrong area.

How to cut your dog’s nails properly

Many dog owners might not feel comfortable cutting the dog’s nails for the first time. But then, you should not worry provided you follow the tips and tricks for a clipping technique and you have the right tools like scissor cutter/grinders/guillotine style cutters with durable stainless steel blades.

1. Have your dog in a relaxed and comfortable position.

2. Do the nail cutting slowly.

3. Keep your dog comfortable by giving them rewards if necessary.

4. Use a paw balsam to soften the skin around their nails.

5. Trim the hair between their paws for a more polished finish.

6. Reward your Lab for a successful trimming process! This can help them associate it into something positive; thus, they can reduce fear and anxiety every time it must be done.

Handling accidental bleeding

Sometimes, nail clippers cut excessively if you don’t use them properly or in case of accidents. The quickest way to stop any bleeding that occurs is using a styptic pencil or powder. Hold your pet while applying this because it can cause a stinging sensation.

1. Before this, compress the affected area for about two minutes using a clean paper towel or cloth.

2. Rub a scentless soap over the wound if it’s small and minor. Alternatively, wrap ice in clean cloth in the event of heavy bleeding.

3. Don’t wipe off the blood because this can aid in the coagulation once you dip the bleeding nail into the styptic powder.

4. Put some of it into your palm and then dip the bleeding nail into it.

5. Repeat as needed.

6. Compress the wound when the bleeding stops.

7. Wash the wound using lukewarm water, and then put a bandage on it.

NOTE: Take your pet to the vet if bleeding isn’t controlled after 30 minutes. 


How often should I clip my Labrador’s nails?

The frequency of use of nail grinders or clippers will depend on how quickly the nails of your Labrador grow. For the most part, you’ll need to trim large dog nails every three to four weeks.

For dogs that are more active running, they should have their nails done more often.

What should I do if I accidentally cut my Labrador’s nails too short?

If you accidentally cut too far or too short, you need to act fast, so having a pet nail trimming supplies kit should be available.

This is to ensure that you can relieve the pain and discomfort. It also helps save your furniture, carpet, and other home furnishings from stains.

Using a styptic pencil/powder is the quickest way to stop the bleeding.  Be careful with it, though, because it can sting. Hold on to your dog as you’re applying it.

For a complete guide on what to do if you cut dog’s nails too short, you can refer to the previous section “Handling accidental bleeding” under How to Use Dog Nail Clippers Safely on Labradors.

Final Thoughts

There you have our guide on nail clippers for Labrador that you can refer to when finding the right pet nail trimming kit or tool for your beloved furry friend.

Again, pet nail clippers should be easy to use, safe, and comfortable for your pet and you. One must also have a sharp blade to aid in the process and for making precise cuts.  It should also have safety features, like a safety lock and a safety guard, and must have non-slip handles for smooth operation.

Hopefully, we’ve helped you choose the right nail trim device/tool/kit for your pet. For guidance on how to use dog nail clippers safely as well as to the factors to consider as you go about the selection of the right dog nail cutter, refer to the earlier sections.

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