The Best Leash for Labrador 2023: Top 5 Reviews

Not all dog leashes are appropriate for a specific use or purpose. A wrong choice can worsen behavioral issues or make dog training difficult. That’s why choosing the right leash for dog walking or training specific skills is important. For instance, Labrador leashes are available in different styles, widths, lengths, and materials (more on this … Read more

Best Muzzle for Labrador: Top 5 Picks and Buying Guide 2023

Labradors are America’s favorite dog breed and still are! They are loyal, highly-intelligent, and companionable pets. But while Labradors are generally well-behaved, they can snap and react when they feel that they or their fur parents are threatened. During emergencies when they have an injury or had an accident, they might bite when scared and … Read more

 Best Labrador Shampoo: Top 5 Picks & Buying Guide 2023

 Don’t be tempted to use shampoos formulated for humans to your Labrador retriever even if it’s nice-smelling or made of natural ingredients. They’re not designed for dogs; thus, they’re not as effective when it comes to cleaning your dog and they can be harsh on their skin. Use the best Labrador shampoo for your dog … Read more