When Do Labrador Puppies Calm Down?

When Do Labrador Puppies Calm Down?

Pet owners love adopting a Labrador retriever because of their amazing and lovable personalities, companionship, and high trainability. However, you must remember that they will have so much energy, enthusiasm, and excitement in their first year of life.  This is unlikely to end until they reach one year old. Don’t worry though because your puppy … Read more

When To Spay A Labrador?

There are a few things to consider when getting a Labrador. They are generally well-tempered and make great family pets. Other than exercise and a good diet, you may have seen suggestions for spaying your Labrador. But what is spaying, and when to spay a labrador? Read until the end to find out. What is … Read more

When to Neuter Labradors?

The Labrador is a beautiful and large dog breed. They are known for being calm, intelligent, and for being friendly. They are outgoing, energetic, and can quickly adapt to hot and cold weather, making this breed very attractive.  The Labrador is intelligent and can be trained easily, making it a perfect family dog. Since they … Read more

Where are Labrador Retrievers From?

Known for their versatility, friendliness, athletic prowess, and trainability, a Labrador retriever is one of the world’s most loved dog breeds of all.  Labrador is a sports dog, sometimes known as a Lab, originated in Newfoundland and was brought to England in the 1800s. Characteristics of the Labrador retriever This dog is known for its … Read more